$11.6 Million Verdict Against Short-Term Rental Owner

Shock waves are reverberating through the short-term rental community after Fox10 reported the verdict, handed down by an Alabama judge, for $11,600,370.84, against the owners of a short-term vacation rental property. What Exactly Happened? According to the complaint, an extremely inebriated short-term renter dove into a pool/lagoon which was 3 feet deep, broke his spine, and is a quadriplegic.  The plaintiff claimed the vacation rental owners knew the lagoon was shallow [...]

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Is your vacation rental four-legged friendly? Pros and cons of allowing pets

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, you’ve surely contemplated whether or not to allow pets in your vacation rental. In fact, travelers likely are choosing (or not choosing) your property based on this factor alone sometimes. On Homeaway, it’s on the initial search menu when selecting dates and how many guests will be staying on the property. On Airbnb, pet-friendly properties are part of the advanced search. PetsWelcome.com [...]

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