Survey Shows Guest Injury is a Top Concern for Airbnb Hosts

A recent survey conducted in tandem by Lodgify and UK insurer, Scofield’s, asked short-term rental owners what concerns them the most about their renters. The #1 answer? Guests injuring themselves, with over half selecting that as their main concern. Next came property damage, weighing in with 44% of respondents citing this concern. Theft rounded out the top three. Hosts are right to consider the risks associated with short-term renting [...]

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Henderson Nevada Ponders Airbnb, Vacation Rental Regulation

New Regulations in Henderson, NV Boost Local Realtors and Short-Term Rentals New regulations in Henderson, NV will begin in October allowing owners to enter the short-term rental market by renting out their primary residence or purchasing additional investments properties to list on popular platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo. Previously, short-term rentals were limited to the owner’s primary residence and required that the owner be on site while guests [...]

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Fredericksburg, Hill Country, Texas challenges Napa Valley and Insurance Industry

For much of the United States, The Napa Region of California is generally regarded as the wine capital of the United States, and for good reason. The area is teeming with various wineries, making it a primary destination for tourists from around the world. Naturally, there has been an influx in properties being made available for short term rentals in that region. Napa may soon be in for some serious [...]

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An Airbnb nightmare come true: what if this were your property?

You probably would never expect this to happen to you. But a family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada found their Airbnb vacation rental property completely trashed by four houseguests who threw a drunken post-wedding bash at the home, resulting in more than $50,000 in damage. An unprecedented level of intentional damage was done to the home, as the partygoers defaced the property owner’s artwork, blocked up plumbing and destroyed furniture. [...]

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