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Oklahoma City, OK enforces short-term rental regulations for Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.

Hosts in Oklahoma City are required to secure an annual $24 short-term rental license to operate out of their primary residence, as well as remit applicable hotel and sales taxes to the City and the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  The following are required documents to secure a short-term rental license: Home sharing application Home sharing affidavit Zoning verification (completed by city staff) Proof of property ownership (county assessor, mortgage) or [...]

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Clear Creek County, CO enforces short-term rental regulations

Hosts in Clear Creek County, CO are presented with requirements for operating their short-term rental business, such as obtaining an operating permit and maintaining a Colorado State Sales Tax License and remitting applicable taxes. Additional requirements to obtain a short-term rental permit ($250.00 annually):  Obtain a Life Safety Inspection from the Department of Building Safety Provide evidence of availability of connection to a sanitary sewer system or an adequate [...]

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5 Need-To-Know Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

After years of hard work, it’s no wonder you’d like to take a well-deserved break. Those who are fortunate enough to reap the benefits of years in the workforce often do so by acquiring a vacation home. The idea of a vacation home in your favorite place on a sunny beach sounds dreamy, but it’s important to be both realistic and prepared when it comes to this investment. You [...]

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Denver, CO short-term rental $1,000,000 liability insurance requirement

Last spring, Denver implemented short-term rental regulations requiring hosts to maintain $1,000,000 liability insurance. Without sufficient liability insurance coverage and the subsequent short-term rental permit, hosts are not able to operate their business. Currently hosts are only permitted to rent out their primary residence, defined as: the usual place of return for housing. View the remaining rules governing short-term rental licenses.  The current guidelines for Denver short-term rentals include [...]

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Everything you need to do before becoming an Airbnb host

With more and more people booking their spring and summer getaways, they’re turning to Airbnb for rentals over traditional hotels. If you live or have a home in a touristy city or a small vacation destination, you may have already considered becoming a host or even already signed up. Either way, before welcoming guests with open arms, you need to critically consider the unique opportunities and risks of operating [...]

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Kansas City, MO short-term rental $300,000 liability insurance requirement

We ended February by discussing the current short-term rental liability insurance requirement in Des Moines, IA, where hosts are required to provide proof of $500,000 liability insurance upon applying for a short-term rental permit. Kansas City may have a less strict regulation with $300,000 rather than $500,000, but they are on the same page with understanding the unique risks of short-term rentals and the need for insurance - especially [...]

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The Importance of ‘Loss of Business Income’ for Your Short-Term Rental

Ever wonder how your local coffee shop would survive if they had fire? The obvious answer is insurance, but while they likely have a policy to cover reconstruction, what about daily operations and revenue they’re unable to generate during rebuild? The answer is a coverage called Loss of Business Income, a standard protection on commercial policies.  So, what about short-term rental properties? After all, doesn’t your rental have income [...]

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Des Moines, IA short-term rental $500,000 liability insurance requirement

Last week we discussed the short-term rental insurance requirement enforced in D.C. Des Moines is another city requiring hosts to secure liability insurance at a minimum of $500,000. “Such coverage shall defend and indemnify the owner, any named additional insured, and any tenants in the building for their bodily injury and property damage arising from the short-term rental use.” According to the City, hosts may choose to secure this [...]

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D.C. short-term rental regulations include a $500,000 liability insurance requirement

In Spring 2019, D.C. joined the growing number of cities across the U.S. implementing short-term rental regulations, particularly those which include a liability insurance requirement. View the complete ordinance here.  The regulation includes the following:  24-hour emergency contact posted for each guest Current business license with a short-term rental endorsement Current liability insurance of at least $500,000 The City states the liability insurance can be provided by a booking [...]

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How to Improve Airbnb Renter Experience through Smart Devices

Before flyers, commercials, and pamphlets, people relied on word of mouth to know whether a brand was good or not. With today’s technology, word of mouth has advanced to reviews and testimonies. These reviews are crucial for any industry, but doubly so for those in the rental business such as Airbnb. The Medium reportes that it takes around seven reviews before a customer trusts a business, and over 90% [...]

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