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City of Grapevine Votes to Uphold Ban on Short-Term Rental

The city of Grapevine, Texas has voted to ban short term rentals within the city limits. Initially, the intent was to determine if the industry could be regulated, however it was decided in the later moments of the hearing to keep the ban in place. The ban comes in the wake of complaints from both citizens and the local hotel industry. Without a doubt, the complaints fielded against short [...]

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Cedar City Passes Regulations for Short Term Rentals

Joining an ever-growing list of cities seeking to regulate the burgeoning short-term rental market, Cedar City, Utah has passed regulations governing the zones in which rentals are allowed to be operated as well as the types of licenses required. Operators of short-term rentals will be required to have a business license, carry insurance, and pay all requisite taxes. This comes as a pleasant surprise as many cities have either [...]

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Short Term Rental Regulation in Broomfield, Colorado

Broomfield, Colorado will join many cities in attempting to regulate the burgeoning short-term rental market. Ideas have been that have been proposed include licensure, occupancy restrictions, and primary residence clauses. Short-term rentals can be a great way to earn extra income from properties that one may already own, however these are business ventures and should be treated as such. Businesses are required to obtain permits and licenses. Often, they [...]

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Airbnb Modifies their Host Protection Guarantee

Recently, Airbnb had announced that they would be improving their claims process for Airbnb’s host protection policy. In it, they describe not receiving many claims. Specifically, “Instances of property damage on Airbnb are quite rare. On average, significant claims of damage happen less than .004% of the time.” Quite impressive to be sure, however people in the Airbnb community seem to think otherwise. It may be worth explaining what [...]

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Massachusetts Airbnb® Insurance Law & How Short-Term Rentals Effected: Boston, Cape Cod, Berkshires, Nantucket, Plymouth, Amherst, Cambridge, Salem, Worcester + More

Massachusetts took a big stance on Airbnb & Insurance this December when Governor Charlie Baker signed a new Act regulating short-term rentals.  Essentially, the new law is treating short-term rentals the same as hotels and not only requires taxation but requires owners/operators to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability insurance.   Here is a copy of the Massachusetts Airbnb Insurance Law. Proper Insurance® foresaw this type of overbearing regulation [...]

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Hiring the Right Property Manager & Protecting Your Vacation Rental

As a vacation rental homeowner utilizing their property as a short-term rental, the safety and security of your home are of the utmost importance. Two of the ways you can protect your investment are purchasing the correct vacation rental home insurance and hiring the right property manager. The two of these go hand in hand – the better your property manager is and the more they care for your [...]

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Property Owners in San Antonio Facing New Rental Laws

After years of debate, officials in San Antonio, California have finally decided to move forward with regulating short-term rentals. This includes services like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and more. Property owners are dismayed at the decision that took over 2 years to conclude. According to the new law, property owners who rent out their home or use services like Airbnb will be required to register with the city for a [...]

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Florida City Begins Legislating Rentals Like Airbnb

If you’re leasing your property in Miami or you plan on visiting and staying at an Airbnb or other rental, you may want to plan accordingly. Officials in one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots are now beginning to implement strict new laws when it comes to short-term rentals like Airbnb, FlipKey, and more. According to legislatures, too many people are renting property in zoning districts that don’t permit [...]

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Short-Term Rentals in Boston Receive Harsh New Laws

Boston city council recently passed a new set of stringent laws regulating Airbnb and other short-term rental companies though the city. According to the new law, investors and tenant will not be permitted to rent out property by the night, beginning January 1st, 2019. If you’re currently an investor or tenant and use Airbnb, you have an extended grace period of September 2019. According to regulators, Airbnb and other [...]

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Short Term Rentals in PA May Require Registration

Legislation requiring registration for short-term rentals in Pennsylvania recently moved forward after House representatives approved of the bill. The law, which was passed heavily in favor of, requires property owners who use Airbnb, FlipKey, and other rentals to register with the state and disclose their identity. Officials say the primary purpose of the law is to ensure taxes are being paid. Opponents of the law claim it is too [...]

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