Blue Earth County, Minnesota has recently implemented new regulations for short-term rentals in rural areas.  After complaints regarding how poorly vacation rentals are being operated, the county realized that something had to be done about it.  The new ordinance now includes application requirements, as well as a $700 fee. All vacation rentals operating prior to the effective date of the standards outlined in the New Ordinance shall be in compliance with Section B by February 1st, 2023.

NEW Application Requirements Blue Earth County

‘Section 24-337. Short-Term Rental Units’ was written to help protect and promote health, safety, general welfare, and order within the county.  Below you can find the application requirements:

A) Application requirements. Any person proposing to operate a short-term rental unit shall submit an application to the planning agency for an interim use permit. The application for said permit shall contain the following:

  1. A site plan which shows the location of (a) – (j)
  2. Floor plans of the structure, including the number of bedrooms with dimensions
  3. All the other information required for an Interim Use Permit, including but not limited to:
    1. Required fee
    2. A building inspection and Certificate of Occupancy issued by a Minnesota Certified Building Official
    3. A business plan that includes, but not limited to, quiet hours, maximum occupancy, parking, pet policy, refuse disposal, other property rules, the duration of available rental dates, the length of time the unit is available for rent for tenants of the unit, and any licenses required by other jurisdictions or agencies, including the Minnesota Department of Health.
    4. Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) commercial operating permit, if appropriate.
    5. Proof of liability insurance

Interested in reading more about the new regulations?  Continue to the full ordinance starting on page 31.

Blue Earth County Liability Insurance Requirement

With the rise of vacation rentals in Minnesota, cities have seen the risks that are associated when running a vacation rental business and that’s why they find it necessary to include an insurance requirement.  When obtaining insurance for your vacation rental it’s important to understand what type of policy is suitable for your business.

The biggest area of risk exposure when operating a vacation rental is liability.  The second that you open your door to paying guests, your liability risk increases, whether it’s a slip in the shower or a fire in the suite, the host is held liable.  This is why it’s crucial to have a policy that understands the business you are operating, like a commercial general liability policy.  Commercial general liability is found in business insurance policies and protects the host from bodily injury or property damage, which they could be found legally liable for.

Understanding the importance of the correct coverage, Proper Insurance has custom-written our own commercial general liability insurance policy specifically for vacation rental and Airbnb or Vrbo hosts, which would protect you and your business correctly.

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