Waterfront Vacation Rental Safety Concerns Every Host Should Know

Are your guests looking to escape the summer heat or get away for an ice fishing adventure?  Promoting a waterfront vacation rental can certainly set you apart within the short-term rental industry!  As a short-term rental host with a waterfront property, you may not initially think of the assortment of risks associated with this particular amenity.  In this article, you will find: Why do lake homes pose such a high risk?  Install a “Swim at Own Risk” Sign  Rescue Equipment [...]

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Increasing and Securing Your STR Revenue Stream

Whether you’re a new rental property owner or have been in the game for a long time, there are always new things to learn and progress that can be made. It’s important to regularly check in on your short-term rental (STR) properties and see if you are really getting all you can from them. There may be some opportunity to change things up and begin to see more income.   [...]

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How to Attract and Keep the Best Tenants and Guests

There’s no doubt that rental properties are a hot commodity. As great as this is for today’s investors, the reality is that there will always be a demand for rentals, regardless of trends. Even with rental homes in high demand, you can’t assume that just any property will be profitable. An empty property doesn’t turn a profit, which is why it’s crucial to attract good tenants and guests, not to [...]

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5 Areas in Your Vacation Rental Airbnb You Should Check Regularly

Every vacation rental owner understands how important it is to make their property stand out. Not only do you have to offer great amenities in order to maximize revenue, but you also need to make sure they are up to par each time you are having guests. This checklist will help you ensure the safety and security of your vacation rental. AC, Heating, and Kitchen Appliances A faulty HVAC [...]

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Pool Safety Standards Every Vacation Rental Host Should Consider [Updated 2021]

In such a competitive industry, you’re always thinking of ways to separate yourself from the crowd. One of the more obvious ways of doing so is highlighting the many amenities your property has to offer. With summer at its hottest, promoting a pool can certainly set you apart but what you may not think of right away is the risk associated with this particular amenity. Amenities such as a pool [...]

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Vacation Rental Safety: Handrails and Guardrails [Updated 2021]

Summertime is just around the corner!  As you prep for inbound guests staying at your rental there are plenty of safety concerns to consider.  It can be easy to overlook common safety features when preparing your vacation rental for guests, but it’s important to ensure that your vacation rental is up to proper safety standards, specifically for guardrails and handrails in your home.  We know that the topic of safety concerns can be a drag, but fully understanding [...]

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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Broker about Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance [Updated 2021]

Did you purchase a new home intending to use it primarily on Airbnb and occasionally for personal use? As a new short-term rental host, you may believe that your homeowner’s insurance is sufficient since you’ll be living there part-time.  This is a common misconception as many hosts, even veteran hosts, don’t realize that modifying the use of your vacation rental beyond strictly personal use requires some major modifications to [...]

How to Pick a Short-Term Rental Property Manager

With travel traffic kicking back into gear, now is a great time to make a game plan for the future of your short-term rental business. As the industry begins to recover, a great way to grow your business and increase bookings is to hire a professional property manager. As they promote your property and handle guest relations, that leaves you with the pleasure of designing your home as a [...]

Short Term Rental Safety: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Maintaining a Rental Property [Updated 2021]

By Justin Ford Safety continues to be a growing concern in the short-term vacation rental industry. With exponential growth over the last 20 years, and more professional managers and hosts entering the market, the more you adhere to safety standards in your short-term rental the less opportunity for negligence on your part. What can you do to ensure your vacation rental is safe for guests? Luckily, amending your rental [...]

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Short-Term Rental Industry Highlights with Darren Pettyjohn – an interview on The Invited Guest

The Team at Proper Insurance is happy to present an overview of a recent interview between Darren Pettyjohn, Co-Owner of Proper Insurance and host Scott on “The Invited Guest” by Private Porch. Scott and Darren discuss why hosts should verify their short-term rental insurance, the response to COVID-19 from property management companies and customers, and staying positive - the short-term rental industry will recover from this unique time. Listen [...]

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