Short-Term Rental Laws Hosts Need to Know in Sonoma County, CA

Short-term rental laws in Sonoma County, CA are continuing to develop. Vacation rentals currently in the Coastal Zone (e.g. Sea Ranch or Bedega Bay) are exempt from all regulations besides Transient Occupancy Tax. This is not the case for the remainder of the county where in-depth short-term rental laws include the following: Short-Term Rental Laws & Operation Standards Noise Limits: Sonoma County requires short-term rentals to enforce quiet hours from [...]

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New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Atlantic City, NJ

There's been much debate over regulations in America's Playground resulting in new Airbnb laws last spring. Atlantic City now requires an annual application ($150.00) and a short-term rental license. More restrictions are being considered for short-term rentals operating under an LLC, Corp, or Partnership. Along with the current application, hosts like yourself must provide the following: The name, address, email, and telephone number of the owner/operator of the subject short-term [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Laws Hosts Need to Know in Smith Station, AL

Smith Station, AL has new strict short-term rental laws for hosts. Requirements include securing a short-term rental business license and providing proof of liability insurance. Requirements are listing in the short-term rental law as follows: Short-Term Rentals - License Required a. No short-term rental business shall operate in the City without first obtaining a current City of Smiths Station, AL Business License from the City. b. Any owner [...]

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How to Attract and Keep the Best Tenants and Guests

There’s no doubt that rental properties are a hot commodity. As great as this is for today’s investors, the reality is that there will always be a demand for rentals, regardless of trends. Even with rental homes in high demand, you can’t assume that just any property will be profitable. An empty property doesn’t turn a profit, which is why it’s crucial to attract good tenants and guests, not to [...]

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New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Traverse City, MI

Stringent Airbnb laws have arrived in Traverse City, MI, “Cherry Capital of the World”. Prior to listing your property online, hosts like yourself must submit a short-term rental application and obtain a short-term rental license from the city. The application must include the following details:  The vacation home rental is occupied and operated in zoning districts as authorized by the Zoning Code of the City of Traverse City. A [...]

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5 Areas in Your Vacation Rental Airbnb You Should Check Regularly

Every vacation rental owner understands how important it is to make their property stand out. Not only do you have to offer great amenities in order to maximize revenue, but you also need to make sure they are up to par each time you are having guests. This checklist will help you ensure the safety and security of your vacation rental. AC, Heating, and Kitchen Appliances A faulty HVAC [...]

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Pool Safety Standards Every Vacation Rental Host Should Consider

In such a competitive industry, you’re always thinking of ways to separate yourself from the crowd. One of the more obvious ways of doing so is highlighting the many amenities your property has to offer. With summer at its hottest, promoting a pool can certainly set you apart but what you may not think of right away is the risk associated with this particular amenity. Amenities such as a pool [...]

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Avoiding Negligence: The Importance of Proper Railings in Your Vacation Rental

Moving into the summer, the short-term rental industry has begun reaping the rewards of pent-up demands for travel and vacations. As you prep for inbound guests there are plenty of safety concerns to consider. Currently, the industry is abuzz with tips on how to ensure a safe stay for your guests with new standards following COVID-19. A sparkling clean home is definitely important, however, we want to focus on [...]

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Providence, RI requires short-term rentals to operate under set regulations

If you’re a host in Providence, you’ll want to review the short-term rental regulations in the area. Among other guidelines, if your property isn’t also your primary residence, you’re required to secure a “temporary use permit,” lasting a single year. You can apply for the permit through the Department of Inspection and Standards. This and the following requirements took effect on November 30, 2019.  Additional key provisions include: Owner-occupied [...]

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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Broker about Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance

Let’s say you’ve purchased a new home intending to use it primarily on Airbnb and occasionally for personal use. Just starting out, you may think your regular homeowner’s insurance is sufficient since you’ll be living there part-time. This is a common mistake as many hosts, even veteran hosts, don't realize that modifying the use of your property beyond strictly personal use requires some major modifications to your insurance. In [...]

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