How to Prepare Your Home for the Short-Term Rental Market

If you’ve been thinking about joining the thousands of other property owners who rent their home or apartment on Airbnb, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately prepared. When it comes to short-term rentals, getting your property listed on sites like Airbnb isn’t difficult. In fact, you can have your home or apartment listed on most booking sites within just a few minutes. But that doesn’t mean you should [...]

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The Big Three, Understanding the Short-Term Vacation Rental Market

When you set out to insure your short term vacation rental, you have a few options. You can insure the property as with a standard homeowners policy (which is probably what you currently have), a Landlord policy (built for long-term rentals), or a commercial business policy (like a coffee shop or yoga studio would carry). Let's dive in and take a look at how these different types of policies [...]

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Reduce the likelihood of a liability claim at your Vacation Rental

Firstly, verify your insurance policy has adequate liability coverage for the risk you are undertaking. If you operate a short term vacation rental, and you live in a city or county that has requirements for vacation rentals- ensure you are compliant with local regulations. These regulations generally require you to carry 500k of liability coverage, however some communities require up to 1 million dollars’ worth of liability coverage. Generally [...]

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Short-Term Rental Insurance Ordinance In Kansas City; New $300,000 Airbnb Commercial Insurance Requirement

Kansas City Requires $300,000 of Commercial Liability Back in February, Kansas City passed an ordinance requiring short-term rentals found on websites such as Airbnb & VRBO to register with the city, and one of the requirements is commercial insurance.  88-321-04-D.  We have seen a recent influx of business in Kasas City as Proper is one of a few carriers offering commercial insurance to short term rental Airbnb properties. Insurance [...]

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Which rental renovations make the most sense?

We’ve all been there. You’ve read the reviews, poured over the pictures, and picked out your perfect Airbnb or Vrbo from a long list of potential vacation rentals only to arrive at your destination and find your short-term-rented slice of paradise or cozy cabin is in need of a little of TLC. The bathroom needs work, the kitchen is straight out of a 1960 Sears-and-Roebuck catalog, and that you’re [...]

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Vacation Rental Homes Regulated in Beacon

Officials in the city of Beacon are meeting to discuss potential new regulations for Airbnb, FlipKey, and other short-term rental services in the area. Currently, there’s no law in the city that regulates the rentals or what building zones they’re permitted in. The meeting was scheduled after certain residents submitted complaints regarding neighborhoods that had excessive amounts of rentals going on. According to city council, the new law proposes [...]

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Why Property Owners Should Worry About Liability

Life’s always a little better when you don’t have things to worry about. That’s why we’re loathe to say that if you’re a vacation rental owner who does not have the right kind of coverage, you should be worried. One of the biggest risks a property owner has is liability. And if you’re relying on homeowner’s insurance for your Airbnb or FlipKey property, then you’re likely not covered! What [...]

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LA Airbnb Hosts May Face New Laws

Airbnb owners are facing new potential restrictions for their properties. Currently, hosts have a cap of 180 days in which they’re allowed to rent out their home on services like Airbnb. But lawmakers are now discussing a shortened limit of 120-days – or about 1/3rd of the year. Property owners will have the option of bypassing this limit for a large of $1,149. According to property owners, these new [...]

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More Than $3,000 In Damages to Cape Cod Airbnb Home

Like many other property owners, Ron Kohlman decided to list his Cape Cod home on Airbnb to make a few extra bucks throughout the year. Unfortunately, his moneymaking idea ended up costing him cash rather than making it. Worse yet – the damage to his property was caused by not one but two back-to-back guests, which just goes to show how common property damage is in home sharing. The [...]

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Many Property Owners Lack Adequate Vacation Rental Insurance

When it comes to home-sharing insurance, there are a few important things to keep in mind. For starters, homeowner’s insurance does not cover any form of property rentals. This comes as a complete surprise to homeowners – and often after it’s already too late. For example, did you know that if your primary insurer discovers you used your home on a property rental service like Airbnb or Flipkey, they’ll [...]

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