If you’re a vacation rental host in Savannah you’ll want to review regulations affecting Airbnb properties across the city. Hosts like yourself must apply annually for a short-term rental certificate to operate your Airbnb business, and provide the name, address, telephone number and email address of the 24-hour contact. Additional requirements include the following: 

    1. Proof of the owner’s current ownership of the short-term vacation rental unit;
    2. For condominiums, hosts must provide a copy of the adopted condominium declaration either explicitly permitting leasing of the dwelling units for less than 30 days or adopted condominium declaration which contains no prohibition on short-term vacation rentals or the leasing of dwelling units for less than 30 days;
    3. Proof of insurance indicating the premises is used as a short-term vacation rental unit.

Ultimately the city hopes regulations will preserve the character of their neighborhoods and allow hosts and neighbors alike to enjoy their properties.

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Vacation Rental, Airbnb Liability Insurance 

Savannah is among many cities across the US implementing vacation rental insurance requirements. However, domestic insurance carriers consider short-term renting a “commercial activity,” which isn’t covered by traditional insurance. This leaves big gaps in coverage for property damage and potential liability claims

Savannah doesn’t currently define the type of insurance, while ordinances commonly provide a liability insurance minimum such as $1,000,000. Simply stating “liability insurance” or “proof of insurance” doesn’t accomplish much as there are several types of coverage you can purchase for a short-term rental. Out of the three types of liability coverage, personal, premise, and commercial general liability, commercial general liability is the most comprehensive liability insurance you can purchase. It is found in business insurance and protects you, against claims of bodily injury or property damage. 

Here are some additional coverage options you should have on your policy: 

  • Replacement cost valuation; building & contents
  • No limit on theft or vandalism
  • No limit on property damage from a guest
  • Liability continued over amenities
  • Liability continued off-premise
  • Lost business income

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