How Airbnb® Liability Insurance Helps You as a Landlord

The rental industry has seen much change over the years. Nowadays, you can easily rent your home out using services like Airbnb with just a few clicks of the mouse. But make no mistake – renting out your home is a business activity and it’s subject to regulations just like any business. And in certain states, it is legally required that you maintain a commercial insurance plan that is appropriate for your rental. That means if you’re relying on your homeowner’s insurance or the Airbnb Host Protection for your rental, you could be violating your state’s law.

An Airbnb Liability Insurance Policy Helps Your Property Stay Safe

Airbnb offers specific types of policies to both renters and landlords, and they are great to have as backups. However, those policies have some pretty wide loopholes. If you do not have a commercial, or better yet, a specific Airbnb liability insurance policy in place, those loopholes are going to cost you a lot. If your guest were to be injured while at your rental, you are typically responsible for the bill. Without proper coverage, you’ll likely have to pay their costs out of your own pocket. Is that a bill you can afford?