The Right Insurance for Vrbo Isn’t Always the Most Expensive

Expensive insurance doesn’t always equal comprehensive coverage. Some insurance companies offer a basic plan with limited rental coverage and then upsell with numerous “add-ons” and other options for better coverage. This leaves you stuck managing an expensive rental insurance and homeowner’s insurance all at once. Proper Insurance® offers a single affordable plan designed to meet and exceed rental law requirements and act as standalone commercial homeowner’s insurance, all in one simple package. Plus, it covers what most other insurers don’t – without the need to pay for additional coverage.

Selecting the Right Vacation Rentals by Owner Insurance; Vrbo Insurance

Most insurers will spend time with you discussing various coverage options and add-ons that can make selecting the right plan confusing. The good news about choosing Proper Insurance® for your property rental is that we offer a single comprehensive plan designed to cover all your needs from a standalone commercial homeowner’s insurance policy to complete property rental coverage. Selecting the right insurance policy for your rental is important, but there’s no need to get overwhelmed with options. Proper Insurance® was designed to provide the most amount of coverage in one simple package.