Replace Your Homeowner’s Or Rental Property Insurance
With Proper Insurance®

Replace Your Homeowner’s Or Rental Property Insurance With Proper Insurance®

Proper Insurance leads the Nation in short-term rental insurance, with over 100,000 policies written in all 50 states. Backed by Lloyd’s of London and exclusive endorsements from vacation rental leader Vrbo, our company is built on world-class insurance coverage. Our policy covers vacation homes, townhouses, condos, duplexes, cabins, cottages, apartments and more. With expert vacation rental underwriters we can tailor a policy specific to your short-term rental property.

One Vacation Rental Policy Coverage For Both Commercial & Personal Use

Short-term vacation rentals do not fit into one insurance category, so we worked in parallel with Lloyd’s of London to tailor a specialty policy that we now sell directly to vacation rental property owners across the entire United States.


Vrbo Exclusively Endorses Proper Insurance

Vrbo is a world leader in vacation rentals and has recognized Proper Insurance as its premier vendor for comprehensive short-term rental property and liability insurance. Vacation rentals owners and their properties are at the core of the brands, and they wanted to make sure their clients and properties are protected. Nothing is more important.

The Proper Insurance policy includes coverage enhancements no other insurance carrier offers and had the vacation rental owner in mind during the development with Lloyd’s. This Vrbo endorsement is a testament to the coverage and claims service provided.

Many other vacation rental industry companies recommend Proper, so learn more and visit our network page.

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A Short-Term Rental Landlord insurance Policy

The Proper Insurance policy replaces the property owners current homeowner’s (HO) or landlord (DP) policy. It is written as a business policy, giving the short-term vacation rental owner comprehensive coverage for their building(s), contents, commercial business liability, and business income. It also includes personal liability when the short-term or vacation rental “doubles” as the owner’s primary residence.

The challenge was quadruple use or occupancy of the properties; as most vacation rental properties are used for commercial short-term rental use, personal use, are at times unoccupied, and some have guests or tenants for over 30 days. With trademarked endorsements, the Proper Policy covers you and your property for all four uses.

Think of it as a homeowner’s policy, that will cover short-term rentals, and a business policy all wrapped into one!

It’s all-inclusive insurance that was custom-penned with Lloyd’s of London and covers the unique risks associated with short-term vacation rental properties. It’s the most comprehensive insurance available on the market today so you can have peace of mind. Offered in all 50 states.

Lloyd’s of London is considered the worlds most prestigious insurance market, best known for specializing in emerging, or unusual risks.  The Lloyd’s market is comprised of 80 syndicates that interact with thousands of brokers daily, to create business and personal insurance solutions in over 200 countries.

Lloyd’s success has been built on it’s character for paying all valid claims.  In over 300 years, Lloyd’s has never gone insolvent and continues to maintain an A+ Rating on Standard & Poor’s.

Lloyd’s insures the majority of FTSE 100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average companies.

Much like homeowner’s insurance, the Proper/Lloyd’s policy provides coverage for the building and contents or personal property.  Proper automatically enhances the coverage form to special all-risk, and includes replacement cost valuation.  It’s superior in every aspect.

  • Special form coverage (all risk)
  • Replacement cost valuation on building and contents (new for old)
  • No limit on damage caused by a renter
  • Vacancy clause removed
  • No limit on theft
  • Back-up sewers and drains
  • Loss assessment
  • Debris removal
  • Unscheduled structures
  • Full ordinance or law (optional)
  • Bed bug extermination & lost income (optional)

In the event of a covered insurance loss, i.e. fire damage, most vacation rental property owners are unable to rent their property for a certain amount of time.  Business income coverage would pay you for the lost revenue, up to the limit you choose while your property is being repaired.

  • Actual loss sustained
  • No time limit

With the explosive growth of vacation rentals, cities, counties, HOA’s, and even some states are passing laws and ordinances with relation to short-term rentals (STR’s).  The common thread is that a STR is a business no different than Hilton, and hospitality and insurance laws should apply.  Because the Proper Insurance® policy is a business policy, and carries commercial general liability, it is in compliance.  All vacation rental property owners need commercial insurance.

  • Suffices for all STR proof of insurance requirements
  • Liability extends beyond the premise
  • Enhanced for animal, liquor liability, and invasion of privacy
  • Includes advertising injury
  • No limitations on assault, battery, or molestation
  • Continues over amenities such as bicycles, golf carts, hot tubs, pools, fishing, rec areas, small watercraft, + more
  • Additional $1,000,000 in personal liability when rental “doubles” as primary residence

Short-Term Rental Insurance
From Lloyd’s Of London

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent. It is often the first to insure emerging, unusual and complex risks.

Around 80 syndicates are underwriting insurance at Lloyd’s, covering all classes of business. Together they interact with thousands of brokers daily to create insurance solutions for businesses in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Lloyd’s insures the majority of FTSE 100 and Dow Jones industrial average companies.

Lloyd’s success has been built on its reputation for paying all valid claims. The claims service provided to policyholders remains a cornerstone of the market’s business.”

  • Lloyd’s enjoys strong financial security supported by excellent ratings. Visit Lloyd’s for detailed information.
  • Proper Insurance is a Coverholder at Lloyd’s. There are only 4,000 Coverholders in the world.
Airbnb Short Term Rental Insurance From Lloyds of London

The Short-Term Vacation Rental Rule of 3

The team at Proper Insurance is a collaboration of individuals with 50+ years experience in niche insurance. We have experts engaged at all levels of the vacation rental industry and understand the risks involved. The Proper short-term rental insurance policy was written with one thing in mind, YOU, the property owner. We currently insure vacation homes, duplexes, townhouses, condos, cabins, apartments, and more. What are the risks and exposure involved and how do you properly insure them?


The single biggest exposure you have as a vacation rental owner is liability. When you open your door as the owner, you are also opening yourself up to liability risk. This liability risk is there whether you are simply renting a downstairs apartment or your entire property. What if a guest were to injure themselves while staying at your property? What if you were found to be liable? Maybe the shower was not thoroughly cleaned, and a guest slipped on soap scum? Or worse, the vacation rental caught fire and resulted in a guest’s death. The Proper Insurance policy automatically provides $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability. You are covered. And, when the vacation rental also “doubles” as your primary residence, 1,000,000 in personal liability is included in the policy.


The second biggest exposure you have as the vacation rental owner is the actual property itself (building and contents). What if a guest were to accidentally start a fire and burn your property down? Or steal/damage your contents? The Proper Insurance policy insures your building and contents as a business (commercial form) with replacement cost (new for old) on special form (all risk). The reason Proper uses a commercial form is because there are no standard occupancy restrictions as in a homeowner’s policy. This means at the time of a covered loss, the property can be occupied by you the owner, friends or family, paying guests, or even be vacant as we remove the vacancy clause. It’s the only way for a vacation rental owner to properly insure their building and contents.


Another big exposure you have is lost rental income, or business income. You have worked extremely hard to turn your property into an income generating short-term vacation rental business. What if a tree fell on your roof and you could no longer rent your property for the summer? Or worse, you had a total loss on the property as a result of a fire or hurricane? You need to protect the income your vacation rental generates. The Proper Insurance policy insures your vacation rental income as “actual loss sustained” with no time limit, what this means is you are only subject to the limit of insurance you choose for your insurance policy. Some owners only insure $10,000 while others elect to insure $250,000. It’s your choice as income varies significantly between owners.

Airbnb Home Insurance

Airbnb Insurance Provider

The Airbnb phenomenon has changed the vacation rental and travel industry forever. Just 10 years ago, there were only 200,000 short-term rental properties in the U.S., primarily marketed via local property managers, now because of Airbnb, there are over 2,000,000. Virtually any property owner can advertise on Airbnb and instantly be competing with Hilton and Marriott for traveler’s lodging dollars. With this ease of use comes huge property and liability insurance concerns.

When you allow guests or travelers to book your property on Airbnb you have crossed into the world of hospitality law and homeowners or landlord insurance doesn’t cut it. You need to think about significant damage a guest could cause to your property such as a fire or vandalism. You also need to consider the safety of the guest and the fact you could be found liable for virtually any bodily injury they may sustain while staying at your property. These concerns require creative solutions.

That is why Proper Insurance is uniquely designed to broadly cover the many issues specific to Airbnb rentals. Our focus is short-term rental exposure, our policy is the most comprehensive and we have been rated “second-to-none” in the industry. Ditch your outdated and incomplete policy and contact Proper Insurance to cover your Airbnb property today.

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Vrbo Insurance

Vrbo is the founding website for “vacation rental by owner” and was originally a classified ad listing service for the do-it-yourself property owner. As Vrbo grew in popularity among travelers looking to find short-term vacation rentals, so did it’s rank on 1st page Google searches. Vacation rental managers began to list their inventory on Vrbo and the rest is history. To this day, most professional data shows Vrbo as the #1 vacation rental booking website in the United States.

Vrbo insurance has never been more important. Most Vrbo property owners are not fully aware of the limitations or gaps in coverage found in homeowners and landlord insurance policies. When you entrust your property to a paying guest, you are fundamentally changing the exposure in the insurance contract. Limitations now exist for damage caused by a guest, theft, vandalism, liability and so much more. When you upgrade your Vrbo to Proper Insurance you are not only filling those gaps in coverage, but adding trademarked coverage’s tailored to vacation rentals as well.

Rental Homeowners Insurance Policy

Rental home insurance is also knows as landlord insurance or dwelling insurance. It’s been sold for over 100 years and is designed for a long-term rental property, not a short-term or vacation rental property.

Many Airbnb and Vrbo property owners carry some type of rental house insurance that has simply been branded as short-term rental insurance. The problem, is rental or landlord insurance simply does not carry the horsepower needed to appropriately cover a vacation rental property. One example would be premise liability.

Premise liability coverage is found in all rental home insurance policies, but it does not extend off the premise. Vacation rental owners need liability coverage to extend off their premise as they could ultimately be found liable for “bodily injury” or “property damage” that occurs off the premise. Dogs, neighbors property, amenities such as bicycles and so much more come to mind.


Home Sharing Insurance & Host Insurance

Proper Insurance policies cover all types of home sharing scenarios. Some hosts own a duplex and live on one side and home share the other. Others live in their primary residence and simply host the in-law suite. Rental arbitrage or master-lease as it’s called is even becoming more popular as some hosts don’t even own the properties they rent out on Airbnb and Vrbo.

Because each situation is different, it’s been incredibly difficult to find a comprehensive host insurance policy that can cover all scenarios, until now.

The Proper Insurance policy was specifically designed for the home sharing and host market. The policy is written with no occupancy restrictions giving the host comprehensive coverage for the building(s), contents, income, and liability, regardless of the use. With trademarked endorsements it’s no surprise why home sharing hosts turn to Proper for all their insurance needs.

Property Managers

More professional vacation rental managers recommend Proper Insurance to their owners. Managing someones vacation rental is a big deal and insuring it correctly is even bigger. Owners are often unaware that when their property becomes a short-term rental, traditional home insurance and landlord insurance simply doesn’t cut it.

There is now greater liability and property damage exposure. When a property is entrusted to someone else, aka, giving a guest the keys, fundamentally insurance contracts start to break down, which makes sense as you gave them the keys. There is no coverage for intentional acts by that person such as theft or vandalism, and worse, there is commonly no liability coverage as most carriers deem short-term renting a business transaction. What if a guest was injured and sued both the owner and the manager?

The Proper Insurance policy not only covers intentional acts from a guest, but it carries commercial general liability which extends off the premise, and extends over the property manager as well. This equals superior coverage for both the owner and the manager.

Why Choose Proper Insurance?

What makes Proper Insurance unlike any coverage on the market is how we have met the very specific needs of short-term rental properties. Some properties are short-term weekly vacation rentals, and some are primary residences only rented during peak seasons. Some properties are second homes only rented 4 weeks per year, and others are condos rented 52 weeks. Proper Insurance covers them all.

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Proper Insurance acts as a business policy to provide comprehensive coverage for your building(s), contents, commercial liability, and business income. Additionally, we provide all of this coverage while simultaneously acting as a personal liability policy if the property “doubles” as your primary residence.

You can think of us as a homeowners policy, business policy, and landlord policy combined. This is the most efficient way we have found to meet the very specific needs of the short-term rental industry. For a short term rental to be a smart investment, you must protect it as such. It is time to ditch the narrow, inconclusive coverage and gain broad protection. Get started today.