Short Term Rental Insurance Designed For Airbnb & VRBO Property Owners

Proper Insurance® leads the Nation in short-term rental insurance, with over 30,000 policies written in all 50 states.  Backed by Lloyd’s of London and exclusive endorsements from vacation rental leaders such as HomeAway® & VRBO®, our company is built on world-class insurance coverage.  Welcome.

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  • Replace your homeowner’s or landlord insurance with Proper Insurance®

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  • One policy that covers both commercial and personal use of your vacation rental

Short-term rental insurance designed in parallel with Lloyd’s of London

Proper Insurance®: Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance Coverage

The Proper short-term rental insurance policy replaces the property owners current homeowner’s (HO) or landlord (DP) policy.  It is written a business policy, giving the short-term vacation rental owner comprehensive coverage for their building(s), contents, commercial business liability, and business income.  It also includes personal liability when the short-term or vacation rental “doubles” as the owners primary residence.

The challenge was quadruple use or occupancy of the properties; as most vacation rental properties are used for commercial short-term rental use, personal use, at times unoccupied, and some have guests or tenants for over 30 days.   With trademarked endorsements, the Proper Policy covers you and your property for all four uses.  Think of it as a homeowner’s policy, a landlord policy, and a business policy all wrapped into one!

It’s all-inclusive insurance that was custom-penned with Lloyd’s of London for the unique risks of short-term vacation rental properties. It’s the most comprehensive insurance available on the market today.  Offered in all 50 states.

Commercial Liability
  • $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability (business liability)
  • $1,000,000 in personal and advertising injury
  • Liability extends off premise and continued over amenities: swimming pools, hot tubs, bicycles, small watercraft, rec areas + more
  • Enhancement coverage for animal/pet, liquor, assault/battery, abuse, molestation, and invasion of privacy
  • $2,000,000/$3,000,000 limits available for commercial general liability and personal and advertising injury
  • Includes legal defense
Building & Contents
Special Form
  • Special cause of loss (all-risk) with replacement cost valuation
  • Enhancement coverage for damage to the building(s) and contents caused by a guest, including theft
  • No limit on damage caused by a renter
  • Loss assessment, debris removal, and back-up sewer and drain
  • Any coverage limit
  • No limit on theft
  • Full ordinance or law (optional)
  • Bed bug enhancement (optional)
Business Income
Actual Loss
  • Special cause of loss (all-risk) with actual loss sustained valuation
  • Pays on revenue vs income
  • Any coverage limit
  • No time limit
  • Bed bug enhancement (optional)

Insurance For Short-Term Vacation Rentals In 3 Minutes

The team at Proper has put together a great video that outlines our policy highlights.  Short-term vacation rentals do not fit into one insurance category, in fact, there are technically four.  This video will help demystify short-term rental insurance and shed some light on our solution.

Proper Insurance® Reviews: Read What Vacation Rental Owners Are Saying

The Proper vacation rental insurance program was launched in 2014 and to date we’ve written over 30,000 policies.  Insurance is a contract and the strength of that contract is defined by claims paid and customer service provided.  We are proud to insure short-term vacation rental owners across all 50 states and stand behind our Lloyd’s of London insurance policy.  Please take a minute to read a few highlighted reviews below or feel free to visit our full reviews page.

How do you review brilliance.  I’m still in shock from the trauma and teams it took to keep our home safe.  This insurance company is not just insurance company they have now become part part of our family.  They watched over us, they protected us, and they asked how we were doing.  When I arrived with only a few days to see my house, I saw the two firefighters in our garden collecting their hoses, and all I could do was burst into tears.  My review was only thank you thank you thank you for saving our home!

Kim Kieler

Santa Barbara, California

In a summer lost to a 60,000 acre wild fire that mandated evacuation of my resort area vacation rental and closed all access for over 20 days; all June reservations and most of July were cancelled. The only bright spot in that period, beside no loss of life or property, was the speed, efficiency and professionalism with which my lost income claim was handled. I’m very grateful to Jerod and Proper insurance for their help in getting through this rough patch.

Mark Buono

Durango, Colorado

In the 5 months of using Proper, I am very impressed. My story: I am a new vacation rental host and when I called Proper and spoke with Tim L*********, he really educated me on how this short term vacation rental insurance covered the gaps that would otherwise be exposed if I had a traditional homeowners policy. Little did I know at that time, I would need to file a claim due to water damage. Because of this comprehensive coverage, I was not exposed to a gap. My claim was caused by water damage that occurred when a neighbor above me had a substantial water leak which caused rain in my condo while I has a guest present. I called Proper and was immediately directed to Tim. How refreshing it is to work with the same individual not only with the sale, but also on the service side. After Tim said he would setup the claim, I turned my attention to the remediation work. After finding a water remediation company, the discussion turned to payment. Frequently these companies want you to assign the payment benefits directly to them because they claim insurance companies can be difficult. Most insurance companies advise policy holders against doing this. As soon as I told the water guy that I had Proper Insurance and Lloyds of London, he said no problem, they are great to work with. Again because I choose Proper & Lloyds of London, I was able to work with the water guy without giving up my rights to oversee the work and payment. Claim processing: While I would not want to go through this again (I installed water sensors for faster detection) will say that the claim was paid promptly in about 35 days. Proper even covered the loss of income when I had to cancel a guest on short notice which the remediation work was being performed. I am a very happy customer and know that Proper will stand behind me if another peril arises.

Steven Piubeni

Hudson, Florida

Worked with Ashley on a policy and she was extremely helpful. Highly Recommended!!!  I had to make a claim from a recent theft with my Vacation Rental Insurance.  I had art work covered that typically is not covered for more than $2500.  If you have valuables you should consider this policy if you want coverage.

Joseph Collura

New Orleans, Louisiana

Our experience with Lloyd’s has been truly incredible.  We own two AirBNBs and were really looking for insurance designed to meet the needs of a short term rental property owner.  This is it! Everyone with whom I’ve spoken has been kind, courteous and professional.  What’s more, they seem so much more knowledgeable about short term rentals and insurance coverage in general than most insurance reps with whom I’ve dealt over the years.  Unfortunately, we needed to file a claim due to water damage and the entire experience could not have gone better or more smoothly.  I was contacted immediately, an adjuster was send the same afternoon, the claim was handled quickly and covered completely.  We ultimately needed an entirely new HVAC system.  Not only was the system itself covered, we are being reimbursed for lost earnings as well.  We couldn’t be happier with the customer service and coverage we’ve received with Lloyd’s.  Truly a 5-star company!

Michelle McRae

Nashville, Tennessee

It’s about time a company bridged the gap between homeowners insurance and commercial insurance.  Within three months, I had to file a claim and there were zero issues getting a check in a timely manner.  They’ve been nothing but perfect!

Mikel Hubbard

Los Angeles, California

My experience with Proper has been exceptional because of Cade Bachman.  In researching possible insurers for our Ko Olina property, Cade was thorough, extremely helpful and has great follow up.  He accommodated and beat competitor rates, and made something as complicated as insurance easy to understand.  I appreciated his working with me, and absolutely recommend him to anyone!

Susan Henry

Kapolei, Hawaii

Our clients love Proper Insurance.  Many of them are not aware of the limitations of their current insurance, and getting them in touch with Proper has solved all and any concerns and questions they had.  It’s the ultimate peace of mind to know that, no matter what happens, no matter how many guests go in and out of their property, things will be in good hands, should any problems ever arise. A life saver for them – and us.

Markus Scharnowski - Founder, GoNitely

Pacifica, California

Being able to provide Proper Insurance as a resource to our vacation rental clients is important, especially for the luxury homes we manage.  Many of these owners have specific needs to which Proper sometimes is the only choice.  Because Turnkey Vacation Rentals is in over 30 markets across the USA it is good that Proper can offer insurance in all 50 states.  The service my clients have received from Proper Insurance has given me ease of mind that their needs are being handled.

Pete Slaga - General Manager, TurnKey Vacation Rentals

Gold Coast, California

We’ve had a great experience with Proper Insurance.  We had difficulty finding affordable homeowners insurance that covered our VRBO.  They’ve been tremendous to work with – prompt responses and importantly, a fair claim check after we had storm damage. We recommend them to everyone.

Katherine Harley

Colorado Springs, Colorado

While we used Proper Insurance for a previous rental, we had only recently purchased it for a new large vacation rental when the washing machine broke after just a couple of weeks and resulted in over $200K of damage. Proper was professional, prompt and very helpful throughout the construction process and remittances. We are extremely pleased with Proper!

Steve K

Benicia, California

When I first decided to have my house become a luxury rental property, I contacted Proper Insurance to get a quote.  They responded quickly and followed up with me via their account representative Ashley Price.  Ashley was incredibly professional and even sent a very lengthy email to me at my request breaking down the differences and similarities between my homeowner’s insurance policy and Proper’s policy.  It was a very time consuming task on her part and it was greatly appreciated by me.  When I decided to go with Proper it was because Ashley had taken the time to educate me thoroughly on the policy and as a result I felt it covered the property in full.

Mark Hill

Beverly Hills, California

I had a great experience working with Proper Insurance, seeking a policy for our primary residence that would also cover short-term rental property owners.  They answered all my questions and presented a competitive quote within a few days. Staff is extremely friendly and responsive even if you file a claim.  The agent and the adjuster contacted us right away after we had some storm damage. They’ve been easy to work with; my claim was resolved fair and quickly.  I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a combined homeowners and short term rental insurance.

Michael and Barbara Schirmer

Pittsford, New York

Working with Proper Insurance is always a pleasurable experience.  With so many laws changing around the space of short-term rentals, I have confidence that Proper is always on the forefront of the legislation.  There is no ambiguity in any of the policies I carry with Proper.  The team always takes the time to walk me through everything I need to know. With the backing of Lloyd’s of London, my mind is always at ease.  I couldn’t recommend Proper Insurance more!

Gabe Krebs

Portland, Oregon

This was my first time working with Proper Insurance. I had both telephone conversations and emails with them.  They worked closely with me to answer all my questions which resulted in my taking out a policy with them for my AirBnB.

Robert and Laura Noyes

Covington, Kentucky

After having closed a state of the art recording studio (which was attached to a beautiful four bedroom home), I thought the hardest part would be to dissolve the business and figure out what to do next with the space.  However, deciding to turn the space into a peaceful destination via Airbnb turned out to be the easy part!  The true difficulty came in figuring out how to do that with property insurance.  Who knew?!  My previous insurance carrier was not willing to cover my Airbnb activities stating that it just brought too much risk (even though I made them aware of the Airbnb $1million Host Protection Policy).  Thankfully, after being turned down by three other local agents and scouring the internet–I found Ian Smith at Proper Insurance.  Not only is he a real live human being who is absolutely wonderful to work with, he answered all my questions, made setting up the policy so easy–AND saved me over $200/month (literally cut my insurance bill in half).  Thankfully, there is an insurance company that understands the needs of Airbnb hosts with knowledgeable agents to assist you in securing the policy that best fits hosts needs!

Melissa Stukenholtv

Jamaica, Iowa

Here at SeaBreeze Vacation Rentals, we proudly manage some of the most beautiful properties in San Diego county.  When our owners ask us about insurance, we exclusively recommend Cade Bachman at Proper Insurance.  Cade’s knowledge, service, and charisma has consistently impressed our owners – who deserve a high level of service.  Bottom line, Proper has the best policy in the U.S., their customer service is great, and they protect our commission income if our owners have a claim. We at SeaBreeze look forward to working with Proper Insurance for years to come.

Jonah Mechanic - Founder, SeaBreeze Vacation Rentals

San Diego, California

I very much recommend the service that’s provided by Proper Insurance Services, LLC.  Multiple associates, including myself, have been working with Ashley Price over at Proper Insurance for several years now.  Her expertise and attentiveness toward working with our clients, and myself comes second to none.  Ashley brings a level of professionalism by delivering upon our high expectations over here at Vacation Palm Springs.  Even more importantly, Ashley exceeds our clients expectations time after time with her promptness and knowledge of the insurance industry.

I’ve had dozens of my clients inform me that Ashley makes the process of acquiring the “proper insurance” for their short-term vacation rental property easy and seamless.  I definitely recommend Ashley Price over at Proper Insurance for three main reasons: she does an excellent job, she’s always punctual, and she offers our clients a competitive rate.

The level of service that Ashley Price delivers for our clients makes it extremely easy for me to recommend her and Proper Insurance, LLC for the property protection that you’re looking for.

Nathan Jordan - Business Development, Vacation Palm Springs by Wyndham Vacation Rentals

Palm Springs, California

For over 5 years we’ve rented our Shenandoah Valley vacation Home through VRBO, HomeAway & others. Many times, over those years, both orally and in writing, I provided my insurance agent with detail about our rentals. Each time, my then current agent assured us, both orally and in writing, not to worry as our short-term rentals were covered by their policy. We were told their policy was actually developed to address the lucrative VRBO/HomeAway marketplace. Proper Insurance contacted us last year. They were more expensive, so with continued assurances that our insurance policy covered our weekend rentals, we renewed for another year. This year, Jordan at Proper followed-up again to pitch their product, so I decided to pull out my policy and read it cover-to-cover to find the verbiage for short term rentals. IT COULD NOT BE FOUND! So, I pushed our agent for proof of coverage. Not being able to, he then sought out guidance from his corporate underwriting and claims departments. The outcome was, we have reviewed your policy and your VA policy does not contain any language for coverage for short term rentals. I have made underwriting aware and would recommend your finding coverage elsewhere. Having a history in the insurance industry I decided to escalate my concern to their corporate executive offices. They concurred my short-term rental was in-fact NOT covered by their policy. Since then, they provided us a full refund of premium for this year’s policy. Perhaps “unearned” premiums should be refunded for all prior years where coverage did not exist!? WOW, and this is a top five US insurance company. Unbelievable! My review of Proper, is a big “thank you” for your persistence and insurance education as it relates to short-term rentals. Everything they said was true, so you must read your insurance policy, regardless what your agent says. I’m now insured with Proper and will recommend them to anyone who asks. I’ve already sent other VRBO owners their way.

Bob D

Mc Gaheysville, Virginia

I have been very satisfied with the level of service that I have received with Proper Insurance and the Lloyd’s policy that I purchased for coverage as an AirBnB host. I am not listing my home right now, but if that changes, I will go right back to them. During the time, unfortunately/fortunately, I had a liability claim. I say fortunately, because It was taken care of by my policy to 100% satisfaction in timeliness and professionalism.

Sherri Billings

Fryeburg, Maine

Proper Insurance has the most informative and knowledgeable team of vacation rental insurance professionals.  They responded quickly to all my questions and concerns.  Their application process was quick, easy and stress-free.  With Proper Insurance as my partner, I can confidently use my home as a vacation rental.

Pamela Manno

Palm Desert, California

I have searched far and wide for an insurance policy to cover my vacation rental and my other commercial needs.  I rent out my property for overnight stays as well as events and filming.  Proper’s policy thru Lloyd’s of London is just what I needed.  Ashley has been a pleasure to work as she is very accessible and happy to answer all my policy questions.  Darren, the owner, was very straight with me in describing what the policy does and does not cover.  He also advised me that I would not be covered for Workers Comp with the commercial policy which I was not even aware I needed.  That is the kind of help I want.  People giving me answers to questions that I don’t even know enough to ask.   With Proper Insurance I really feel like I have a partner who is on my side and cares about me.

Tim Vlahos

Los Angeles, California

I am extremely pleased with Proper Insurance as my insurance provider for my vacation rental.  After searching multiple sites and trying to ensure that I would be protected; Proper Insurance has, by far, the best coverage.  Cade responded to my never ending questions the same day and was very patient in helping explain what would happen in different scenarios.  Signing up was incredibly easy with an online form, and I was able to get same day coverage.

Samantha McClung

Denver, Colorado

From initial contact to actually obtaining our vacation rental insurance coverage, this process was amazingly smooth.  Having been in the vacation rental business for almost 10 years, this is our third or fourth time to scope out insurances to stay in front of our needs.  Working with David at Proper has been the easiest, quickest and smoothest process by far. In addition, we have more coverage at a lower price than what we were previously paying.  A huge plus is also that I can understand the policy! Thank you!

Debi Hertert

Lincoln City, Oregon

Thought I’d let you know I just posted in three different places on the Airbnb community blogs that Proper Insurance is the way to go for short-term rental insurance.  Everyone out there is asking the same question on these blogs— where can I get coverage for my vacation rental, what should I do, etc.  There is a lot of confusion about what kind of policy is needed, what companies will insure vacation rentals, whether Airbnb insurance is sufficient.  Anyway, I am so happy to have come across Proper that I thought I’d get the word out.

Anonymous Host

Kansas City, St. Louis

I called Cade Bachman after an extensive search for insurance to cover my two vacation rental properties.  Cade has established my trust through his easy rapport and thorough knowledge of the vacation rental insurance industry.  He has promptly responded to all of my numerous questions and has been a partner for me as I establish my vacation rental income while protecting my family’s investment.  Every property owner who is thinking of entering the vacation rental business would be lucky to have Cade on their side.

Brian Bradford

Granby, Colorado

Great customer service, the best policy I found, and affordable. But nothing compares to the peace of mind the policy brought!

Mary Lee M.

Huntsville, Alabama

HomeAway® & VRBO® Exclusive Vacation Rental Endorsement

HomeAway® and VRBO® are world leaders in vacation rentals and has recognized Proper Insurance® as their premier vendor for comprehensive short-term rental property and liability insurance.  Vacation rentals owners and their properties are at the core of the brands, and they wanted to make sure you and your property are protected.  Nothing is more important.

The Proper Insurance® policy includes coverage enhancements no other insurance carrier offers, and had the vacation rental owner in mind during the development with Lloyd’s.  This HomeAway® and VRBO® endorsement is a testament to the coverage and claims service provided.

Many other vacation rental industry companies recommend Proper.  To learn more about these companies please visit our network page.

Proper Insurance® from Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent.  It is often the first to insure emerging, unusual and complex risks.

Around 80 syndicates are underwriting insurance at Lloyd’s, covering all classes of business.  Together they interact with thousands of brokers daily to create insurance solutions for businesses in over 200 countries and territories around the world.  Lloyd’s insures the majority of FTSE 100 and Dow Jones industrial average companies.

Lloyd’s success has been built on its reputation for paying all valid claims.  The claims service provided to policyholders remains a cornerstone of the market’s business.”

  • Lloyd’s enjoys strong financial security supported by excellent ratings.  Visit Lloyd’s for detailed information.
  • Proper Insurance® is a Coverholder at Lloyd’s. There are only 4,000 Coverholders in the world.

Proper Insurance®: The Rule of 3

The team at Proper Insurance® is a collaboration of individuals with 50+ years experience in niche insurance.  We have experts engaged at all levels of the vacation rental industry and understand the risks involved.  The Proper vacation rental insurance policy was written with one thing in mind, YOU, the property owner.  What are the risks and exposure involved and how do you properly insure them?  We currently insure vacation homes, duplexes, townhouses, condos, cabins, apartments, and more.

LIABILITY: The single biggest exposure you have as a vacation rental owner is liability.  When you open your door as the owner, you are also opening yourself up to liability risk.  This liability risk is there whether you are simply renting a downstairs apartment or your entire property.  What if a guest were to injure themselves while staying at your property?  What if you were found to be liable?  Maybe the shower was not thoroughly cleaned, and a guest slipped on soap scum?  Or worse, the vacation rental caught fire and resulted in a guest’s death. The Proper Insurance policy automatically provides $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability.  You are covered.  And, when the vacation rental also “doubles” as your primary residence, 1,000,000 in personal liability is included in the policy.

BUILDING & CONTENTS: The second biggest exposure you have as the vacation rental owner is the actual property itself (building and contents). What if a guest were to accidentally start a fire and burn your property down? Or steal/damage your contents?  The Proper Insurance® policy insures your building and contents as a business (commercial form) with replacement cost (new for old) on special form (all risk).  The reason Proper uses a commercial form is because there are no standard occupancy restrictions as in a homeowner’s policy.  This means at the time of a covered loss, the property can be occupied by you the owner, friends or family, paying guests, or even be vacant as we remove the vacancy clause.  It’s the only way for a vacation rental owner to properly insure their building and contents.

BUSINESS INCOME: Another big exposure you have is lost rental income, or business income. You have worked extremely hard to turn your property into an income generating short-term vacation rental business.  What if a tree fell on your roof and you could no longer rent your property for the summer?  Or worse, you had a total loss on the property as a result of a fire or hurricane?  You need to protect the income your vacation rental generates.  The Proper Insurance® policy insures your vacation rental income as “actual loss sustained” with no time limit, what this means is you are only subject to the limit of insurance you choose for your insurance policy. Some owners only insure $10,000 while others elect to insure $250,000. It’s your choice as income varies significantly between owners.

Still Have Questions?

Fundamentally, when you rent your property to a paying guest, you give them the keys and entrust your property to others.  When this happens, traditional insurance breaks down.  For a detailed review of commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.