As a property manager, you know the importance of helping your owner’s secure income.  Well, now you can secure your income too. With coverage from Proper Insurance, not only will your client’s short-term rental business income be covered, but your commission income can easily be protected as well.

Refer the Proper Coverage to Your Owners

Rest assured knowing you and your owners are properly covered with:

  • Property Manager Commission Income Protection – A first-of-its-kind endorsement built into every policy
  • $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in Commercial General Liability – Automatically extends to Property Managers
  • Liability extends off-premise and covers amenities such as bikes, golf carts, pools, hot tubs, and saunas
  • And much more…

Advantages of Partnering With Proper Insurance

Property Manager Commission Income Protection

A first-of-its-kind endorsement built into every policy. Under a business income claim, both the owner and the manager receive a business income check. However, the property manager contract must specify as such. It’s important for property managers to understand what our business income- property manager’s commission endorsement is and how it’s triggered in the event of a claim.

Short Term Rental Insurance Liability Slip and Fall

Commercial Liability Automatically Extends To Property Managers

$1,000,000/$2,000,000 in Commercial General Liability – Property managers are automatically covered under commercial general liability. This is done at no charge and is written into the policy. This means if a property manager is found liable for “bodily injury or property damage” occurring from the vacation rental, the owners liability coverage now extends to the manager.

Building and Developing Relationships With Property Managers

Many of our clients are new to the vacation rental industry and they need a good property manager referral. Every new client gets asked, as seen below, during the binding process if they would like a referral to a property manager? This is where you need and want a relationship with Proper. As seen from our property manager reviews below, we have built and continue to build relationships with the top managers across all 50 states.

When You Refer Owners to Proper Insurance, We Refer You

Every new client gets asked during the quote process if they would like a referral to a property manager. Many of our clients are new to the vacation rental industry. Their rental properties are often new purchases and they need a good property manager referral. This is where you need and want a relationship with Proper.

Get Listed on Our Exclusive Property Managers Map

Many of our clients are new to the vacation rental industry.  Their rental properties are often new purchases and they need a good property manager referral.  Every new client is asked during the quote process if they would like a referral to a property manager. Our agents then use our curated proper manager map to help clients find a qualified property manager in their area.  This is where you need and want a relationship with Proper.

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Hear What Property Managers Are Saying About Proper Insurance

Markus Scharnowski,
Founder GoNitely

Our clients love Proper Insurance. Many of them are not aware of the limitations of their current insurance, and getting them in touch with Proper has solved all and any concerns and questions they had. It’s the ultimate peace of mind to know that, no matter what happens, no matter how many guests go in and out of their property, things will be in good hands, should any problems ever arise. A lifesaver for them – and us.

Pete Slaga, Business Development TurnKey Vacation Rentals

Being able to provide Proper Insurance as a resource to our vacation rental clients is important, especially for the luxury homes we manage. Many of these owners have specific needs to which Proper sometimes is the only choice. Because Turnkey Vacation Rentals is in over 30 markets across the USA it is good that Proper can offer insurance in all 50 states. The service my clients have received from Proper Insurance has given me ease of mind that their needs are being handled.

Jonah Mechanic, Founder SeaBreeze Vacation Rentals

Here at SeaBreeze Vacation Rentals, we proudly manage some of the most beautiful properties in San Diego county. When our owners ask us about insurance, we exclusively recommend Cade Bachman at Proper Insurance. Cade’s knowledge, service, and charisma has consistently impressed our owners – who deserve a high level of service. Bottom line, Proper has the best policy in the U.S., their customer service is great, and they protect our commission income if our owners have a claim. We at SeaBreeze look forward to working with Proper Insurance for years to come.

Nathan Jordan, Founder/COO Poolside Vacation Rentals Inc.

I very much recommend the service that’s provided by Proper Insurance Services, LLC. Multiple associates, including myself, have been working with Ashley Haley over at Proper Insurance for several years now.  Her expertise and attentiveness toward working with our clients, and myself comes second to none.  Ashley brings a level of professionalism by delivering upon our high expectations over here at Vacation Palm Springs. Even more importantly, Ashley exceeds our clients expectations time after time with her promptness and knowledge of the insurance industry. I’ve had dozens of my clients inform me that Ashley makes the process of acquiring the “proper insurance” for their short-term vacation rental property easy and seamless. I definitely recommend Ashley Haley over at Proper Insurance for three main reasons: she does an excellent job, she’s always punctual, and she offers our clients a competitive rate. The level of service that Ashley Haley delivers for our clients makes it extremely easy for me to recommend her and Proper Insurance, LLC. for the property protection that you’re looking for.

AnaLuisa Salvatti, Director Business Relations Enchanted Mountain Retreats

At Enchanted Mountain Retreats we want to express our gratefulness for the prompt expert assistance provided by Proper Insurance Services, LLC. In a very short period of time, Proper has carefully and professionally offered the best alternatives for each of our vacation rental property owners, walked them through the process, and secured the best possible insurance coverage. Each policy has been tailored to the needs of the property owners and the particularities of each property, resulting in a happy and satisfied Enchanted Mountain Retreats family. We will continue recommending Proper Insurance.

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More property managers advise their owners to call Proper Insurance because we offer the broadest vacation rental insurance policy on the market. You must put your owner’s interests in mind first. We know our competitor’s coverages and their pricing. Proper wins every time. Please take a minute to review our policy highlights in our program brochure found below.

Have Your Owners Asked About Insurance?

Have they specifically asked whether they need a special policy for a short-term vacation rental? Many property managers are hesitant because insurance is complicated and they don’t want to recommend the wrong coverage. Now you know. You are the expert in the industry and having a referral like Proper Insurance is a value-added service to your owners.

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