Short-Term Rental Laws Hosts Need to Know in Walla Wall, WA

Known for its fertile agricultural areas and over 100 local wineries, it’s easy to see how Walla Walla is now a popular short-term vacation rental destination. With growth in this market over the years, Walla Walla eventually decided on short-term rental laws, following suit to many cities and communities across the U.S.  The City has general requirements, application requirements, and development standards for short-term rentals including the following:  “No owner or property within the Walla Walla city limits may offer, operate, rent, or otherwise make available or [...]

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New Pending Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Montana

Montana may be one of the first states to issue state-wide Airbnb laws for short-term rental owners and hosts. New definitions were suggested in House Bill No. 327, where short-term rental or Airbnb activity would be excluded from residential community covenants. Unless otherwise stated in the terms of your covenant, the following restrictions may apply:   “Business use”, “business purpose”, “commercial use”, or “commercial purpose” includes a business that requires a license, permit or certification issued by a state health [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Laws Hosts Need to Know in Lake Geneva, WI

With easy access to outdoor activities including lakes and hiking trails, Lake Geneva has grown into a popular vacation spot. With this growth, the City recognized the need for short-term rental guidelines and accepted new short-term rental laws.   New Short-Term Rental Laws for Lake Geneva Hosts  The City settled on a number of requirements for hosts when applying to operate a short-term rental. All following documents and payments must [...]

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New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Grand County, CO

New short-term rental and Airbnb laws in Grand County bring big changes for hosts. All owners operating a short-term rental or Airbnb must apply for a short-term rental permit with the Grand County Department of Community Development (this is an annual permit). Permit fees apply as follows:   STR permit fees are based on maximum advertised occupancy. The fee is $25 per occupant. Example: If your property is advertised as [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Laws Hosts Need to Know in Honolulu County, HI

Honolulu County said goodbye to 2020 with a law that may change the short-term rental market on the Island for the better. In an effort to reduce the number of illegal short-term rental operations in the County of Honolulu, the County has signed two memoranda of understanding (MOU) with the short-term rental platforms, Airbnb and Vrbo. The new law requires hosts to provide additional tax information per property in [...]

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New Pending Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Manistee, MI

The City of Manistee is considering new Airbnb laws for hosts, making several recommendations at a recent meeting. The City hopes these recommendations will clarify the standard of operations for hosts in both residential and commercial districts.  At its October 1st meeting, the City discussed the following items outlining restrictions on short-term rentals:  Add short-term rentals to the City’s rental inspection program; Require short-term rentals to register as a [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Laws Hosts Need to Know in Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN updated short-term rental laws adjusting the registration process for hosts in the city. Requirements vary depending on if the short-term rental is owner-occupied or non-owner-occupied. If the short-term rental is non-owner-occupied, hosts must obtain a license along with a property inspection. Owner-occupied properties aren’t subject to inspections. The following additional updates go into effect this year:  The biennial renewal/initial registration fee for rental properties will be $112.00 [...]

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New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO unanimously approved new short-term rental, Airbnb laws specifically affecting hosts who rent for more than 60 days per year. These frequent rentals are prohibited in dense neighborhoods made up of primary residence homes. In addition, properties that are rented for less than 60 days per year are limited to 2-night minimum bookings. The following Airbnb laws are currently enforced throughout Boulder:  Hosts must reside at the rental [...]

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New Pending Short-Term Rental Laws in Lake Ozark, MO

Lake Ozark is considering new short-term rental laws for hosts, which may include a registration process. The primary goal of the registration process would be to establish ground rules for hosts to protect them and surrounding neighbors, and would also help differentiate unauthorized rentals - those located in zoning districts prohibiting short-term rentals.  “Rental properties are allowed in established Multi-Family Districts (R-3), Commercial Districts (C-2) and Lake Front Mixed-Use [...]

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New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Mobile, AL

New Airbnb laws will begin January 1, 2021 in Mobile, AL after much consideration over the summer. The new Airbnb ordinance lays out requirements for hosts which include the following:  A valid City of Mobile Business license must be obtained for each discrete short-term rental location and the business license number must be stated on any advertisement or listing for each short-term rental.  The name and phone number of [...]

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