Updated Short-Term Rental Laws in Mount Pleasant, SC

Short-term rental laws in Mount Pleasant are a work in progress with most recent updates as of April 2021. Changes include an annual application to secure a short-term rental permit with a limited number of permits issued each year. With rich community history with homes dating back to the 18th century, it is understandable that the city would seek to preserve the character of the community amidst the influence [...]

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Updated Short-Term Rental Regulations Hosts Should Know in Philadelphia, PA

Called “Limited Lodging” in Philadelphia, vacation rentals are subject to a number of short-term rental laws including hotel tax of 8.5% and a license fee. The newest restrictions passed on June 10th, which if approved by the mayor will introduce a new “Limited Lodging Operator” license in addition to a general business license.   Active Short-Term Rental Laws in Philadelphia  While the LLO license is new for hosts in Philadelphia, they must also operate [...]

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Your Guide to Purchasing a Second Investment Property

Want to add a second property to your investment portfolio? There are a few things that you will want to know. Since you already own a rental home or building, you already understand some of the basics. However, there are a few crucial steps to take on that secondary investment. From determining your spending to managing other expenses, make sure to consider these facts before buying your second investment [...]

New Short-Term Rental Laws Proposed in Gulfport, MS

With just under 7 miles of man-made white sandy beaches, it’s easy to see how Gulfport attracts vacationers. As with most other states, the new best way to get away is to book a vacation rental versus a hotel or motel. With this trend, Gulfport reaps the benefits from tourism while also seeking to regulate short-term vacation rentals in order to maintain the natural character of their community.   Active Short-Term Rental Laws in Gulfport  The full proposed short-term rental ordinance can [...]

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When Guests Refuse to Leave: How to Prevent an Airbnb Squatter From Spoiling Your Vacation Rental

Are you familiar with the term “squatter” and how these unwanted guests can occupy your Airbnb, Vrbo, or direct booking properties?  This isn’t an issue that many short-term rental hosts imagine that they have to deal with, but recently it has become a bigger issue among Airbnb rentals.  Along with the rise of mid-term rentals due to the pandemic and guests realizing that they can travel and work from [...]

Active Short-Term Rental Regulations in Teton County, WY

Wyoming, known for its natural wonders draws tourism in growing numbers each year. With this growth, particularly in the short-term rental sector, comes more input from local governing bodies. In Teton County hosts are subject to short-term rental restrictions including a minimum rental period of 31 days or more. The County closely tracks any violations with fines up to $750 per offence.   Short-Term Rental Regulations in Jackson, WY  Jackson adopted short-term rental regulations beginning in 2016. Tourism has always [...]

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Wildlife Safety at Your Vacation Rental

Is your short-term rental a hot commodity because nature is right outside the backdoor?  Guests enjoy staying at a remote vacation rental location to escape from their normal bustling city life.  With wildlife in your backyard, many animal liability concerns can arise and it’s important to minimize those risks and make sure that your current insurance policy would cover you if something were to happen to a guest. In this article you can find: Wild Animal Concerns Around Your [...]

Lawrence, KS Adjusts Short-Term Rental Laws for Hosts

Lawrence currently requires hosts to secure an annual license and undergo inspections in order to operate a short-term rental within the city. An ever-adjusting topic in most cities across the nation, Lawrence is no exception, revisiting the governing ordinance in October 2020 and adjusting additional requirements.   The primary change affects non-owner-occupied short-term rentals:   “The amendments within Ordinance No. 9740 now prohibit Non-Owner Occupied Short-Term Residential Rental Property located within RS and [...]

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How Remote Work is Changing the Short-Term Rental Industry

During the pandemic, people have realized how convenient it is to work from home and enjoy having the freedom to travel but still work.  The digital nomad has changed the way many short-term rental owners operate their home because now they’re renting for mid-term stays and have created a comfortable workspace for their guests.  This is becoming increasingly popular in the rental industry and it’s not looking to go away anytime soon.  Operating as a mid-term rental can increase the risk of acquiring a “squatter”, it’s important to stay informed [...]

How To Turn Your Residential Property Into a Lucrative Short-Term Rental Hot Spot

You might have a guest house or other outbuilding on your property that is pretty much going to waste. Have you ever considered converting it and renting it out for short-term stays? It is a great way to bring in some extra income and become engaged with the emergent short-term rentals industry. Companies like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Vrbo have capitalized on the gig economy to help homeowners profit from [...]

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