How To Turn Your Residential Property Into a Lucrative Short-Term Rental Hot Spot

You might have a guest house or other outbuilding on your property that is pretty much going to waste. Have you ever considered converting it and renting it out for short-term stays? It is a great way to bring in some extra income and become engaged with the emergent short-term rentals industry. Companies like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Vrbo have capitalized on the gig economy to help homeowners profit from [...]

Short-Term Rental Regulations Continue to Develop in Dana Point, CA

Dana Point has seen an influx of owners joining the short-term rental market since its first regulation efforts in 2016. The city attributes this growth to the increased popularity of online platforms such as Airbnb or Vrbo along with the attraction of a coastal vacation.  There are currently 134 registered short-term rental properties in the city despite stringent short-term rental regulations. Current Short-Term Rental Regulations in Dana Point  The city [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Laws Drafted in Cherokee County, GA

The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners last discussed short-term rental laws at a public meeting on June 1, 2021, where short-term rentals are defined as less than 30 days.  The short-term rental draft ordinance currently includes the following requirements.   Pending Short-Term Rental Laws in Cherokee  The Board of Commissioners' primary concerns seems to be with properties owned and operated by non-residents, and how to create standards to prevent homes from being used [...]

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Active Short-Term Rental Regulations in Lincoln County, OR

Active short-term rental regulations require hosts in Lincoln County to secure a short-term rental license and follow basic operational standards. The license can be obtained through the Sheriff’s Office, however, according to recent information we’ve found the County has suspended new applications until November 30, 2021. The following regulations still apply to active short-term rentals in the county.   Active Short-Term Rental Regulations in Lincoln  All documents supporting the active short-term rental regulations can [...]

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Amended Short-Term Rental Laws in Auburn, AL

Auburn revisited short-term rental laws in March and approved amendments to the ordinance on March 16th. As with many cities across the U.S., short-term rentals are only becoming more prevalent, encouraging the City to revisit the ordinance. With the help of the Short-Term Rental Taskforce created in 2018, the city was able to zoom in on particular concerns and adjust regulations to meet the needs of the community.   Active Short-Term Rental Laws [...]

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Waterfront Vacation Rental Safety Concerns Every Host Should Know

Are your guests looking to escape the summer heat or get away for an ice fishing adventure?  Promoting a waterfront vacation rental can certainly set you apart within the short-term rental industry!  As a short-term rental host with a waterfront property, you may not initially think of the assortment of risks associated with this particular amenity.  In this article, you will find: Why do lake homes pose such a high risk?  Install a “Swim at Own Risk” Sign  Rescue Equipment [...]

New Short-Term Rental Regulations in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta decided on amendments to the City’s short-term rental regulations in mid-March. The City of Atlantic houses thousands of travelers each year for conventions, conferences, and major sporting events, which allows hosts easy access to a steady stream of income if they choose to join the short-term vacation rental scene.   As the number of short-term rentals only grows, the City saw the potential need to revisit short-term rental regulations:   “The ordinance aims [...]

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Increasing and Securing Your STR Revenue Stream

Whether you’re a new rental property owner or have been in the game for a long time, there are always new things to learn and progress that can be made. It’s important to regularly check in on your short-term rental (STR) properties and see if you are really getting all you can from them. There may be some opportunity to change things up and begin to see more income.   [...]

New Short-Term Rental Laws Passed in Roseville, MN

The City of Roseville is one of many cities to implement short-term rental regulations, due to longstanding complaints from local residents regarding “party houses”.  Addressing the complaints regarding parties being held during one-night or weekend stays, the City Council agreed to impose a series of new restrictions on non-owner-occupied short-term rentals.  Active Short-Term Rental Laws in Roseville, MN  The new laws were passed with a 5-0 vote in February. Under [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Regulations Enacted in Freeport, ME

A draft for new short-term rental regulations was submitted to the Freeport Town Council back in February and enacted earlier this month. Freeport is one of many cities in Maine to consider new Airbnb laws including insurance requirements and detailed operational standards for hosts.   Portland, Bar Harbor, Cape Elizabeth, and Rockport are other cities following suit with new short-term rental regulations. Advocates for greater regulation contend that short-term rentals take business away from hotels or B&Bs, [...]

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