D.C. short-term rental regulations include a $500,000 liability insurance requirement

In Spring 2019, D.C. joined the growing number of cities across the U.S. implementing short-term rental regulations, particularly those which include a liability insurance requirement. View the complete ordinance here.  The regulation includes the following:  24-hour emergency contact posted for each guest Current business license with a short-term rental endorsement Current liability insurance of at least $500,000 The City states the liability insurance can be provided by a booking [...]

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Bed Bug Coverage | Proper Insurance® Offers Another Industry First

There is something about bed bugs that makes all vacation rental owners uneasy. Not only are they a nuisance, but they pose real property and liability concerns. With over 30,000 vacation rental insurance policies written, Proper Insurance has listened to its policyholders and delivered a first-of-it's-kind endorsement. $15,000 in extermination coverage with no deductible When bed bugs are discovered at a vacation rental, the first order of business is [...]

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How to Improve Airbnb Renter Experience through Smart Devices

Before flyers, commercials, and pamphlets, people relied on word of mouth to know whether a brand was good or not. With today’s technology, word of mouth has advanced to reviews and testimonies. These reviews are crucial for any industry, but doubly so for those in the rental business such as Airbnb. The Medium reportes that it takes around seven reviews before a customer trusts a business, and over 90% [...]

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How to prepare for your short-term rental Superbowl guests – top claims continued

Last week we dove into the details of 'sewer back-up' claims and had such a great response we decided to take a look at another of our most popular claims from 2019 - and given that the Super Bowl is this weekend, this one couldn’t be more appropriate.  Many of you are already booked for televisions biggest weekend, and while major events can be an easy opportunity to fill [...]

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Wisconsin publishes short-term rental regulations; property risks, liability & obtaining insurance coverage

Short-term rental regulations are spreading like wildfire all across the U.S. While each state is different, it is vital that Airbnb and vacation rental owners do their research on local laws and regulations prior to entering the short-term rental market. Wisconsin, the Badger State, continues to be proactive and has recently passed new common sense regulations. Property Risks, Liability, & Obtaining Insurance Coverage The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade [...]

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Regulations to be reviewed for 900+ active short-term rental listings in Killington, Vermont

Killington Planning Commission introduced a short-term rental registration and permit proposal to the Select Board to review on January 8th. The proposal was introduced amidst an on-going court case involving a short-term rental which was granted a safety permit allowing up to 28 occupants. Despite the permit, the house underwent septic failure as it was not able to sustain the number of guests. City officials hope to determine regulations [...]

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Regulations Approved for Phoenix Airbnbs

At the start of January, Phoenix implemented regulations for Short Term Rentals requiring hosts to register their rental properties with the city. The city hopes the new regulations will cut out party houses and ensure safety for their neighborhoods. Hosts will post emergency contact information in their home and are required to respond to police inquiries within the hour if a situation should arise as their rental. Fines will [...]

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Which claim are you most likely to encounter as a host in 2020?

As the year ramps up, we’re all excited to see what 2020 has in store. You’ve survived another holiday rental season, but with spring just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can keep your property better protected this year.  When it comes to short-term rentals, there’s no shortage of incidents you could encounter as a host, but knowing which problems you’re most likely to see can [...]

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Approaching Deadline for Select Santa Monica Airbnb Rentals

As of December 10th, Santa Monica reached a settlement with Airbnb requiring all short term rental listings to become compliant with the City’s Home-Sharing Ordinance in the hopes of eliminating illegal listings. The new agreement includes the following guidelines: Airbnb will require all listings to have a City License number. License numbers are provided to hosts who register to home share and acquire a business permit and license. Airbnb [...]

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Bowling Green Debates Airbnb Regulations

Cities across the US are establishing regulations for Short Term Rentals, and Bowling Green is one of many. Influenced by negative views on the impact of Short Term Rentals, the City hopes to determine procedures before the market gets out of hand. Opinions on Short Term Rentals include such as these: “Possibly the negative externality that affects the most people is that tourists’ “authentic” travel is coming at the [...]

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