Are You Aware of the Liability Insurance Requirement in the NEW Vacation Rental Laws Passed in Encinitas, California?

As of December 8th, 2021, the City of Encinitas, California passed new vacation rental laws under Ordinance NO. 2021-22.  The city believes that the amended laws will lead to better regulation of vacation rentals, as neighbors have started to complain.  Complaints have ranged from excessive noise complaints to disorderly conduct as well as traffic concerns.  Within the new short-term rental laws, they have included regulations relating to quiet hours, [...]

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Marble Falls, Texas Includes Liability Insurance Requirement Within NEW Vacation Rental Laws. Effective Jan. 1st, 2022

The Marble Falls, Texas City Council has unanimously voted in favor of new vacation rental laws on Nov. 16th and will take effect on January 1st, 2022. Within the new vacation rental laws, vacation rental hosts will be required to obtain a permit to operate their business within the city, which includes a requirement of $1M in liability insurance. Owners will also be required to register their properties with [...]

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Hosts in Kennebunkport, Maine, Is Your Short-Term Rental Licensed? Application Deadline Dec. 31st, 2021.

Is your vacation rental licensed?!  If not, you’ve got till December 31st, 2021 to apply, otherwise, you will be in violation of the new ordinance that was approved last June.  The goal of license requirements for short-term rentals is to ensure that Kennebunkport, Maine neighborhoods are not overly impacted by vacation rental operations.  By requiring licenses for all vacation rentals, the town will be able to better track and [...]

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New Short-Term Rental Regulations Passed for Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

This past Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 2021, the Point Pleasant Beach Borough Council in New Jersey has voted and passed new short-term rental regulations.  Short-term rentals have started to become an issue across the Jersey Shore, especially when it comes to the “party houses”.  Many residents have voiced their concerns about the “party houses” and how they have started to derail from the community and turn the town into an expensive [...]

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Short-Term Rental Regulations Passed in Summit County, Colorado

The Summit Board of County Commissioners in Colorado passed new short-term rental regulations and plans to make adjustments based on concerns expressed by the public.  The new regulations now separate unincorporated Summit County, Colorado into two zones; resort and neighborhood.    New Short-Term Rental Regulations - Licensing Short-term rentals in the resort zones now include Copper Mountain, Keystone, Peaks 7 and 8, and Tiger Run.  These zones will continue [...]

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Airbnb’s AirCover Protection: An Honest Examination

The first thing to understand about Airbnb's Aircover protection is that is does not replace a Hosts current homeowner's insurance. It's such an important fact, it's listed as the #3 FAQ on the AirCover protection landing page, as seen below. Table of Contents: Airbnb AirCover Why call my insurance agent? Is AirCover actual insurance coverage? Does AirCover provide property protection? Does AirCover provide liability protection? What the [...]

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Short-Term Rental Regulations Approved in Salida, Colorado

The Salida City Council of Colorado has been constantly working on adjusting their short-term rental regulations and in their last meeting, they approved amendments to the recently updated short-term rental regulations.  The newly approved amendments were approved on Nov. 16th and will go into effect on Dec. 19th, 2021.  Amendments to Short-Term Rental Regulations Below you can find the underlined changes to Section 6-6-20 and Section 16-4-190 regarding short-term rental regulations.  Section [...]

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Man Drowns at Vacation Rental Due to Owner Negligence. Family Calls for Waterfront Safety Regulations.

This past September, in a very unfortunate event, a 30-year-old Airbnb guest, Vinod Deonarine, drowned after taking out a canoe that was provided by the vacation rental he was staying at.  Incidents like these are such a tragedy and echo the need for the vacation rental industry to focus more on safety requirements.  What Exactly Happened?  Vinod Deonarine was enjoying his stay at a waterfront vacation rental off Fox Lake, IL when he and his friend decided to take the canoe that was provided by [...]

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When and How to Upgrade Your Short-Term Rental Property

In recent years, the short-term rental business has exploded in popularity for the simple reason that the requirements needed to get into this business are not as stressful as the long-term rentals. With the rising number of commercial real estate investment opportunities on the market, many people are slowly taking up the different options to boost their financial muscle for the better.  When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Short-Term Rental Property  When it [...]

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NEW Short-Term Rental Regulations Approved in Westerly, Rhode Island

The Westerly City Council of Rhode Island has voted and approved a new short-term rental ordinance, in hopes of better regulating within this industry.  After a large number of complaints regarding short-term rentals, Police Chief, Lacey, hopes that this list will allow town officials to “hold the owners accountable if, in fact, there are any issues”. New Short-Term Rental Regulations  Annual registration of short-term rentals is required for all Residential Short-Term Rentals.  Below you can find the [...]

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