Protect Your Investments with Home Sharing Host Insurance

If you’re like most property owners, you know how important your home and its contents are. Yet, despite how valuable most properties are, many homeowners aren’t using the right kind of home sharing insurance.

If you’re relying on:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Airbnb Host Guarantee
  • Airbnb Host Protection
  • Private Agreements and/or contract

…then you’re placing your business and home in serious jeopardy.

The truth is, most of these policies simply don’t provide enough coverage to protect your investments. For example, homeowner’s insurance was not designed to be used with property rentals. There is an increased set of risks involved when you rent out your home to a stranger and these risks are not calculated into the plan. What does this mean for you, the property owner? If a guest were to accidentally set your home on fire, your homeowner’s insurance could deny coverage if they found out you were renting the property.

Here is a recent lawsuit filed by a homeowner against her insurance carrier, after they denied a claim; home sharing insurance denial.

And the built-in Airbnb options don’t fare much better. Most property owners report significant difficulty in receiving reimbursement after filing a claim with Airbnb.

Keep Your Home & Business Covered with Host Insurance

At Proper Insurance, your home and business is important to us. We offer a single plan that acts as both your primary homeowner’s coverage as well as an all-inclusive insurance for home sharing. Coverage for Airbnb theft, property damage, liability issues, and more are all included in the plan. Get started now with a free online quote in just 5 minutes.