Skipping Airbnb Property Coverage as a Host: A Recipe for Disaster

Home Damage

Airbnb has revolutionized the rental market with its innovative peer-to-peer housing rental system. Property owners can now easily list their home as a rental hub for people needing a quick place to stay. And sure enough, many people are making part-time to full-time income just by renting out their homes to a stranger. Yet thousands of property owners are playing with fire when they rent their homes out for use without adequate Airbnb insurance coverage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover short-term rentals which could be classified as a business activity. The result? If a guest were to burn down your property or injure themselves, you could personally be held liable.

Airbnb Host Guarantee: Why the Built-In Insurance Falls Short

Airbnb offers a built-in insurance option for hosts called the “Host Guarantee”. The benefit claims to provide hosts up to $1,000,000 in coverage. While this may sound adequate at first glance, further investigation reveals some major holes in the coverage, leaving hosts with a false sense of security. Business income lost because of weather damage, pools, and watercrafts are not covered. And worst of all – if your guest were to be injured, the Host Guarantee will not cover you. In fact, this insurance doesn’t even meet minimum legal requirements for Airbnb liability coverage in certain states. Proper Insurance® offers the most comprehensive coverage plans on the market. For hosts wanting a complete peace of mind, our insurance plan offers superb coverage and protection against damages not covered by most other insurers.