Airbnb Insurance For Host’s

Proper Insurance® is the nation’s leading insurer of Airbnb Hosts & VRBO’s.  Proper developed a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy uniquely custom for Airbnb, VRBO, aka short-term rentals.  It replaces the hosts or owners current insurance policy, offering comprehensive coverage for the hosts or owners building, personal property, business property, Airbnb/VRBO income, and both personal and commercial general liability.


A Lloyd’s of London Airbnb & VRBO Insurance Policy

  • Airbnb & VRBO building coverage up the limits chosen
  • Personal property coverage up to the limits chosen
  • Business income coverage, up the the limit choses
  • Replacement cost for building, personal property, and business income
  • All risk coverage form, aka exclusions based
  • Commercial liability insurance for Airbnb rental activities
  • Personal liability insurance int eh event property is also primary residence
  • Liability extend off premise to amenities such as bicycles, golf carts, and more
  • Lloyd’s of London policy
  • Airbnb & VRBO Insurance Quote
Airbnb Insurance Proper Coverage

I had a great experience. The agent called me the day after I called in the claim. The file was taken care of expertly and completely painless to me. I am very happy with everything done to care for this matter.

James Black

Saint Augustine, Florida

I highly recommend Proper Insurance Services. They are very professional and easy to work with. They are my go to place for all of my vacation rental properties.

Rebecca Milligan

South Haven, Michigan

I had a great experience working with Proper Insurance, seeking a policy for our primary residence that would also cover short-term rental property owners. They answered all my questions and presented a competitive quote within a few days. Staff is extremely friendly and responsive even if you file a claim. The agent and the adjuster contacted us right away after we had some storm damage. They’ve been easy to work with; my claim was resolved fair and quickly. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a combined homeowners and short term rental insurance.

Michael Schrimner

Pittsford, New York

Airbnb & VRBO Insurance Claims are Being Denied


See Airbnb Insurance Claim Lawsuit

Emily Richer rented her guest house occasionally on Airbnb, and a tree fell and damaged her property.  Even though the property was not currently rented via Airbnb and the damage had nothing to do with a guest, the insurance claim was still denied.  Travelers insurance enforced a rental exclusion found in her policy!  Please not the above photos are not the actual photos of the Airbnb insurance claim denial.

Airbnb has revolutionized the rental market with its innovative peer-to-peer housing rental system, but when it comes to insurance for Airbnb Hosts & VRBO’s, you don’t want to fly under the radar. Property owners can now easily list their home as a rental hub for people needing a quick place to stay. And sure enough, many people are making part-time to full-time income just by renting out their homes to a stranger via Airbnb. Yet thousands of property owners are playing with fire when they rent their homes out for use without adequate Airbnb insurance coverage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover short-term rentals which could be classified as a business activity. The result? If a guest were to burn down your property or injure themselves, you could personally be held liable. Or, if your insurance carrier found out you were renting your property out via Airbnb, they could virtually deny any claim!

Tree Damage Insurance Claim Denied

Airbnb Host Guarantee Insurance: Why the Built-In Insurance Also Falls Short

Airbnb offers a built-in insurance option for hosts called the “Host Guarantee”. The benefit claims to provide hosts up to $1,000,000 in coverage. While this may sound adequate at first glance, further investigation reveals some major holes in the coverage, leaving hosts with a false sense of security. Business income lost because of weather damage, pools, and watercraft are not covered. And worst of all – if your guest were to be injured, the Host Guarantee will not cover you. In fact, this insurance doesn’t even meet minimum legal requirements for Airbnb liability coverage in certain states. Proper Insurance® offers the most comprehensive coverage plans on the market. For hosts wanting a complete peace of mind, our insurance plan offers superb coverage and protection against damages not covered by most other insurers.

Regardless whether the Airbnb Host Guarantee Insurance would respond, it would have done nothing for Emily as the tree damage had nothing to do with Airbnb, or a guest.  If you rent your property on Airbnb, you need specialty insurance with a carrier that specializes in this market.  Insurance riders and false promises from local agents won’t cut it.