Here’s Why Not Having an Airbnb Insurance Provider Could Cost You Big

It happens every day: property owners signing up for Airbnb hoping to make a quick few bucks throughout the year. After all, signing up for the home sharing service is an easy process. With just a few clicks, you can have your property up on the website and have your own miniature rental business in no time. But with this ease of use comes a shocking fact: few homeowners are prepared for the financial and legal consequences of lacking coverage from an Airbnb insurance provider.

While some property owners aren’t aware of the need for coverage, some simply don’t want to shoulder the Airbnb insurance cost for commercial liability and property damage protection.

An Airbnb Insurance Company Might Save You Money

With the potential of liability issues exceeding $100,000 in damages and the real risk of fire, theft, and other property damage, having commercial short-term rental insurance is extremely important for property owners who rent out their home on services like Airbnb. Proper Insurance offers one of the most affordable and comprehensive plans available on the market. It replaces your current homeowner’s coverage and acts as your primary coverage when guests are staying at your home. For more information on the price for Airbnb insurance coverage on your property, please try out our 5-minute online quote today.

Why Property Owners Need a Short-Term Rental Insurer

If you’re renting out your home on Airbnb or another property rental site, it’s critical that you obtain adequate coverage before listing your home up for rent. With an increased number of states now regulating rentals, most property owners are now legally required to maintain business liability insurance if they rent out their home. If you’re about to rent out your home or you’re currently doing so, find a vacation rental insurance company who can help ensure you stay compliant with current laws and keep you protected from property damage or liability issues.