Here’s Why Not Having An Airbnb Insurance Provider Could Cost You Big

It happens every day: property owners signing up for Airbnb looking to make some extra income throughout the year. After all, signing up for the home-sharing service is an easy process.

With just a few clicks, you can have your property up on the website and your own miniature  Airbnb rental/hotel business.

But with this ease of use comes a shocking fact: few homeowners are prepared for the financial and legal consequences of lacking coverage from an Airbnb insurance provider. Take a minute to read this lawsuit involving an Airbnb insurance claim denial.

If you are here shopping Airbnb insurance, we encourage you get a quote and speak with one of our Proper Super Agents who specializes in our comprehensive Airbnb insurance policy.

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Airbnb Insurance Provider

Don’t Get Fooled by a Fast & Affordable Airbnb Insurance Policy

Airbnb is now mainstream and many insurance agencies across the U.S. advertise they specialize in insurance for Airbnb Hosts. The truth is, insurance agencies don’t pay claims, carriers do, and when it comes to Airbnb, U.S. domestic insurers fall short.

The confusion comes because many insurance companies offer a landlord policy or a home-sharing endorsement to a homeowner’s policy, both of which look and feel correct.

Fast and affordable equals slow and cheap when an actual Airbnb insurance policy claim arrives. Look no further than a recent review we did on insurance policy claims reviews.

Airbnb Insurance Coverage

Why Most Airbnb Insurance Companies Fall Short on Coverage

By nature, Airbnb rental properties are a higher risk for insurance companies, making sense as they have high foot traffic and use from guests and absentee property owners. This leaves Airbnb insurance companies two choices; either increase coverage and raise premiums to cover claims or reduce coverage and keep premiums cheap.

The U.S. domestic home insurance market is driven by price, so it’s no surprise most insurance companies choose to keep premiums cheap. Unfortunately, home insurance is a product the consumer only uses about every ten years, so getting away with subpar coverage is easy.

Proper Insurance took the ladder and created an Airbnb insurance policy solely focused on coverage, not cost. As a result, Proper is a first-class Airbnb insurance company, and our brand is recognized by our outstanding reviews.

Complete Airbnb Insurance Coverage Costs More

Airbnb insurance coverage is complicated yet so simple at the same time. For the most part, the more insurance costs, the more you get. At Proper, we believe coverage is king. There is a good argument that an Airbnb rental property is the most significant property and liability exposure a Host has in their life. Therefore, it’s too important not to focus on coverage.

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Beware of Free Airbnb Insurance Providers

When listing your property on Airbnb, you may have noticed two free coverage’s offered by the short-term rental company: The Host Protection Insurance and the Host Guarantee, which were recently rebranded together as AirCover Protection.

The biggest concern here is that Airbnb clearly states their free insurance is not a substitute for personal insurance, and for that matter, they advise you to contact an Airbnb insurance agent. The clear answer here is marketing and the fact Airbnb faces considerable headwinds with regard to insurance, and by offering free insurance to every host, they can calm that storm.

We are not here to belittle Airbnb, but there are dozens of well-documented incidents in which the Airbnb insurance provided on every booking did not step up. This is for the Airbnb Host Liability Program, formerly called Host Protection, and the Airbnb Host Damage Program, formerly called Host Guarantee. We encourage you to read about this high-profile incident involving the Airbnb Host Guarantee.

As an Airbnb host, you want insurance with your name on it; you don’t want to fly under the radar and hope nothing happens. Airbnb guests are not familiar with the properties they rent; therefore, at some point, a guest will get injured. It could be as simple as a slip and fall down the stairs or something more catastrophic such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Regardless how the bodily injury occurs to the guest, the reality is the U.S. is a litigious society, and the likelihood of getting sued is high.

When that lawsuit comes, do you want to rely on free Airbnb insurance, or do you want a bulletproof insurance policy you know inside and out and have confidence it will respond and defend you?

Airbnb Insurance

Getting the Right Airbnb Rental Insurance for Your Property

Not all insurance companies provide the same level of Airbnb rental insurance protection. To ensure that your Airbnb rental property is covered, you’ll need to choose an insurer that covers explicitly Airbnb short-term rental properties. Just because an insurance agency or insurance carrier states they cover Airbnb rental properties doesn’t mean it’s comprehensive coverage.

A common misunderstanding with insurance agents is that a home-sharing endorsement added to a homeowner’s insurance policy is adequate for Airbnb rental insurance. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as these endorsements are only valid on properties that are considered primary residences.

This means if you decide to rent out a spare bedroom on Airbnb in your primary residence, the place you live and get your mail, then ‘yes’, an Airbnb home-sharing endorsement would be a solution for limited coverage, typically $10,000 worth. But it does not apply to secondary or owner absentee properties.

Airbnb Rental Insurance

Comprehensive Airbnb Liability Insurance is Critical

As an Airbnb host, your first order of business is to make sure you have adequate Airbnb liability insurance. When we think of insurance, we typically think of property coverage for perils such as wind, fire, and water damage; after all, your Airbnb rental property is a substantial financial asset, so it makes sense. But it’s liability insurance that should be looked at in greater detail as it’s what could ultimately sink your Airbnb rental operation.

Proper Insurance has written almost 70,000 Airbnb liability insurance policies, and we have seen just about every liability claim there is to see. Our written policies cover all 50 U.S. states and virtually every vacation rental or short-term rental market. We’ve seen, defended and ultimately settled millions in Airbnb liability coverage claims.

A Few Real-Life Examples of Liability Insurance Claims Involving Airbnb Properties

  • A 2-year old drown in a swimming pool ultimately resulted in a $1,000,000 settlement
  • A guest was seriously impaired due to carbon monoxide poisoning, which was another $1,000,000 settlement
  • The rope swing at a rental gave way, causing a broken leg, and was settled for $120,000
  • There was ice buildup at the door resulting in a nasty fall which was settled for $299,292
  • A slip and fall down the stairs due to an inadequate handrail cost $403,579
  • An old chair broke, and the cost for settlement was $61,426

These are just a few examples of Airbnb liability coverage insurance claims Proper has covered that can arise at an Airbnb rental property. If you open your doors up to strangers on a regular basis, it’s just a matter of time until someone gets hurt, and you ultimately end up in a lawsuit.

Proper Insurance offers the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive liability insurance protection. A few liability coverages Airbnb hosts do not think of are liquor liability, communicable disease, invasion of privacy, beg bug liability, amenities off-premises, assault and battery, to name a few.

Take a minute review or in-depth Airbnb liability insurance article and then contact your Proper agent to see if upgrading your insurance coverage makes sense.

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Airbnb Host Insurance

Airbnb Host Insurance is More Important Than Ever

More and more Americans are becoming Airbnb hosts, yet insurance coverage is often overlooked. Great Airbnb host insurance is tough to find because most insurance agents do not specialize in it. Essentially you are taking a single-family home, condo, or duplex and installing a well-lit OPEN sign in the front window. An Airbnb host is a business owner, and business owners need professional insurance.

The only way to cover all your exposure and get comprehensive Airbnb host insurance is to purchase homeowner’s insurance, landlord insurance, and business insurance. An Airbnb host may use the rental property personally, then times they may rent it long-term, and of course, short-term stays are what makes it an Airbnb rental property.

The Proper Insurance program is the only Airbnb insurance product that combines all three property uses; personal, landlord, and business. We have no occupancy restrictions, which means we broadly cover Airbnb hosts.

An Airbnb Host Insurance Policy Should Cover Your Building(s), Contents, Business Income, and Liability

Airbnb hosts work hard to deliver outstanding guest experiences, which should result in a profitable rental business. To protect that business, and Airbnb host should understand building, contents, and business income insurance coverage.

Building insurance should be open perils or ‘all-risk’ insurance coverage. This means that everything is covered, such as fire, wind, hail, etc. unless specifically excluded. Open perils building insurance is the broadest coverage or protection an Airbnb host can purchase.

Contents insurance is similar to building in a sense it should be open perils, but it’s for an Airbnb hosts stuff, such as furniture, décor, dishes, linens, electronics, and more. All the personal property inside the building needs insurance coverage, and it’s essential not to overlook theft and vandalism as they are common exclusions in Airbnb host insurance policies.

Business income insurance kicks in when an Airbnb rental property is unable to rent to guests due to a covered insurance peril such as broken water pipes. Water damage is a typical insurance claim at Airbnb rental properties, and the result is always canceled bookings, sometimes months out, as water damages everything and restoration takes time.

Liability insurance protects Airbnb hosts from ‘bodily injury’ or property damage they could ultimately be found liable for. The most common liability insurance claim is the slip and fall, and it is critical hosts have adequate coverage with big occurrence limits. Proper recommends a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Airbnb Home Insurance

What Makes an Airbnb Home Insurance Policy?

Fundamentally, an Airbnb home insurance policy should be commercial as it has the horsepower needed to cover all the exposures. There are only three types of insurance policies to choose from when insuring an Airbnb home, you can choose a homeowner’s policy, a landlord policy, or a commercial policy.

home policy is designed to cover a home, not a business or rental, so right from the start, it is flawed in trying to cover all the perils at an Airbnb property. Many insurance carriers have been attempting to fit an Airbnb home into this type of insurance coverage, but an Airbnb rental property is a business.

Hosts collect money from a guest to stay at their properties for less than 30 days at a time. It’s no different than Hilton or Marriot; it’s a micro-hotel. Therefore, it’s a business and wholly subject to hospitality laws. An Airbnb home insurance policy should not be written on a homeowner’s or HO form.

An Airbnb Insurance Policy Should Have Both Property & Liability Coverage

A standard Airbnb insurance policy should always include property coverage and liability coverage. Whether the Airbnb rental property is a single-family home, a condo, or a duplex, there is both property and liability exposure, as well as lost business income which we will discuss later.

Airbnb property insurance covers the property itself from perils such as wind, hail, fire, theft, vandalism, etc. Most prominent property insurance claims at Airbnb rentals are no different than a traditional home; it’s mother nature, and she never seems to let up. Therefore, Airbnb hosts must understand the different types of property coverage found in an Airbnb insurance policy.

Every policy has a property coverage form that outlines what is and isn’t covered. The first coverage form is basic, then broad, and finally special form or ‘all-risk’ property insurance. The only insurance form Proper sells is ‘all-risk’, meaning everything is covered unless it’s specifically excluded, so it’s exclusion-based. And this is applied to both the building(s) and contents of the Airbnb rental property.

Airbnb liability insurance is equally or arguably more important than property coverage. Proper sells commercial general liability on all its policies, and it has a minimum occurrence limit of $1,000,000. In addition, our liability coverage extends off-premise and does not carry exclusions for assault and battery, liquor, communicable disease, invasion of privacy, and many other perils.

Liability insurance is the foundation of our Airbnb insurance policy, so we offer higher liability limits as many Airbnb hosts want $2,000,000 per occurrence in protection. This additional coverage is difficult to find and unique to the Proper Insurance policy. 

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Insurance for Airbnb Properties Must Provide Business Income Protection

Airbnb’s second plan, the Host Guarantee, now rebranded under AirCover as Host Damage Protection, is a free form of property damage coverage offered to primary property owners. It is advertised as insurance for Airbnb properties that will reimburse hosts for lost business income due to damage caused by a guest.

The fact is that wind and hail are the number one insurance claim at Airbnb properties, followed by water damage, then fire, and then everything else such as vandalism, theft, and so on. So damage from guests is important coverage to have, and Proper’s policy is unique in that it has no limit on damage caused by a guest, but it’s rare compared to other claims.

When an Airbnb hosts rental property is damaged, and an insurance claim is filed, the loss of income can often be more severe than the property damage itself. For example, what would happen if you had a broken water pipe and severe water damage during your peak rental season and lost a whole season of bookings?

You want to call your insurance company, file a claim for the property damage, and receive reimbursement for the lost rental income. The mortgage must still be paid, and business income insurance is often the tool.

Our insurance policy for Airbnb properties comes with the industry’s broadest business income insurance. It is calculated on lost revenue versus net income, pays out the ‘actual loss sustained’ versus fair market value, and has no time limit. The Proper business income protection is only subject to the limit the host chooses.

Insurance for Airbnb Properties

Landlord Insurance is Not an Acceptable Solution for Airbnb Hosts

Most Airbnb rental property owners not currently insured with Proper are covered under a landlord insurance policy or dwelling policy as they are often called. However, Airbnb hosts should be aware of enormous coverage gaps as most insurance agents sell on price, not coverage.

Airbnb landlord insurance policies include ‘premise liability’, which covers the host for bodily injury or property damage they could be found liable for, but it’s limited to the premises only. This means there is no liability coverage beyond the property line.

An example of a bodily injury limitation would be using an amenity off-premises such as a bicycle. If a guest were injured on a bicycle off the Airbnb rental premises and claimed the Airbnb host liable, there would be no coverage under ‘premise liability’, which is found in landlord or dwelling insurance policies.

Property damage an Airbnb host could be found liable for should not be ignored, as it’s a considerable weakness in Airbnb landlord insurance. An example would be if a guest accidentally tossed a cigarette in the bushes, resulting in a fire that ultimately burns the neighbor’s house down. The neighbor could ultimately sue the Airbnb host as they could claim the fire-damaged property is the liability of the hosts’ negligence.

Lawsuits are commonplace in the Airbnb short-term rental industry. Therefore, Proper only sells commercial general liability, which extends off-premises and has no amenities exclusion for bicycles, swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise equipment, saunas, fire pits, recreation areas, and more.

Relying on Airbnb Homeowner’s Insurance is Risky for Hosts

Homeowner’s insurance policies are not designed to broadly cover Airbnb short-term rental activity. Unfortunately, too many hosts rely on Airbnb homeowner’s insurance because uneducated insurance agents sell them a home-sharing endorsement.

In response to the Airbnb phenomenon, domestic insurance carriers created a limited home-sharing endorsement which typically offers $10,000 in additional coverage for around $75 per year in premium.

This Airbnb homeowner’s insurance endorsement fills a small gap but is only applicable to primary residences or primary dwellings; it is not enough coverage for an investment property, one in which the host does not live on site.

When an Airbnb host lives on-site and considers the property their primary residence, they are there to shut off the water if there is a leak, they are there to manage the lighting when a guest arrives, and everything else; owner-occupied rental properties are a lower risk to insure for insurance companies.

If an Airbnb rental property is not owner-occupied, homeowner’s insurance is simply the wrong contract to buy, and virtually any insurance claim could be denied. Insurance companies are notorious for denying insurance claims when they find out the property owner no longer lives on site.

Airbnb Landlord Insurance

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Best Insurance for Airbnb Hosts

Proper Insurance Provides the Best Insurance for Airbnb Hosts

Proper Insurance is the nation’s most experienced Airbnb host insurance provider, offering comprehensive coverage for property and liability insurance claims. The hyper niche Proper Insurance policy is the best insurance for Airbnb hosts, delivering unmatched protection in the short-term vacation rental industry.

The Proper policy entirely replaces an Airbnb hosts current homeowner’s or landlord insurance, so there is no need to manage multiple policies. Think of it as a home insurance, landlord insurance, and commercial business insurance, encased into one insurance product or policy.

Proper Delivers on Airbnb Insurance Coverage Enhancements

When developing the Proper Insurance policy, it was our goal to address the specific needs and exposure of an Airbnb host. We ended up with an Airbnb insurance product backed by Lloyd’s of London and Concert Specialty Group that is unmatched from a coverage standpoint.

Airbnb Insurance Agent

Find an Airbnb Insurance Agent You Trust

Proper Insurance wants to compete for your Airbnb rental business, but not all hosts want to upgrade their insurance coverage. What’s most important is that you get educated on the insurance coverages you do and don’t have, which ultimately allows you to make an informed decision.

Many insurance agents in the U.S. are not coverage experts; after all, they don’t pay insurance claims; the insurance company does. It’s your job as an Airbnb host to ask the tough questions regarding property, liability, and business income claims as they relate to your Airbnb rental business.