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An Alaskan alpine lake with towering mountains in the distance.

Current Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Alaska

As tourism and travel continue to increase in towns across Alaska, the need for short-term rentals continues to grow. Alaska continues reinventing outdated rental rules by developing legislation for short-term rentals. Hosts should stay up to date on any specific Airbnb laws and regulations within their local communities. If you have questions about short-term rentals […]
Nashville at dusk with city lights

Tennessee Airbnb Laws and Regulations- What Short-Term Rental Hosts Need to Know

Although Tennessee has begun to discuss and change previous existing Airbnb laws and regulations, there is still a long way to go. Local organizations such as the Nashville Area Short-Term Rental Association (NASTRA) are advocating for support within the short-term rental community. Organizations such as these continue to advocate for hosts and residents alike. If […]
Kentucky farm

Kentucky Airbnb Laws and Regulations – What Hosts in The Bluegrass State Need to Know

The recent growth of the Kentucky short-term rental market has prompted cities and counties to enact additional Airbnb Laws. Many of these regulations seek to better improve the relationship between short-term rental properties and the larger community by requiring permits and instilling accountability with fines for unregistered properties. If you have questions about short-term rentals […]
A picture of the water and boats with the Detroit Skyline in the back.

How to Navigate the Constantly Changing Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Michigan

At the end of 2021, Michigan lawmakers considered legislation that created a one-size-fits-all law regulating short-term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo. This bill was passed quickly in the House, and residents were concerned that the proposed bill would bar local governments from enforcing ordinances that ban short-term rentals. House Bill 4722 would also restrict how Michigan […]
Arches national park in Utah

Utah Municipalities Update Airbnb Laws and Regulations to Appease Local Communities

With the growing short-term rental industry, many Utah cities have chosen to pass additional Airbnb laws. From requiring permits to maintaining fire and safety standards, these are the laws that owners should be aware of. If you have questions about short-term rentals in Utah, contact Proper Insurance. Our agents are experts in the vacation rental […]
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