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Vermont Airbnb Laws and Regulations – Current Requirements in The Green Mountain State

With the recent growth in the short-term rental market, Vermont is among the many states now considering Airbnb laws in order to regulate the industry. These regulations can vary based on the municipality, but the state itself has also enacted overall legislation.   Vermont State Airbnb Laws  Airbnb Law Limits Number of Short-term Rentals in Burlington, Vermont  Stowe, Vermont, Places Additional Airbnb Laws on Short-term Rentals Airbnb Laws in Killington, [...]

By |2022-11-29T10:10:37-07:00December 23rd, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Airbnb Laws in the Magnolia State—What Mississippi Hosts Need to Know

Cities and Counties in Mississippi are enacting Airbnb Laws in order to regulate the rising tourism in the state. Most require short-term rental owners to register with the city for zoning purposes and cap the number of rentals in each area.  Ocean Springs Requires Registration as Part of New Airbnb Laws   Gulfport, Mississippi Enacts Controversial Airbnb Laws  Ocean Springs Sets Forth Application Process for Short-term Rentals as Part of [...]

By |2023-03-27T16:03:36-06:00December 16th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Airbnb Laws in Southern California—What Hosts Need to Know

Many cities in Southern California have enacted Airbnb Laws regulating rentals, or outright banning them in specific zones. Laws passed previously have come under review as well, and it’s important for owners and hosts to know where the law stands for their short-term rental,  Del Mar Restricts Short-term Rentals as Part of New Airbnb Law  Chula Vista Passes Additional Airbnb Laws  Encinitas, California Now Requires Liability Insurance as Part [...]

By |2022-11-28T14:18:48-07:00December 14th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Current Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Northern California

Airbnb Laws have changed in Northern California due to the increase in tourism to the region, and many cities and counties are now placing restrictions on noise levels and the number of days a rental may be rented, as well as requiring permits and liability insurance.   San Mateo County Enacts New Airbnb Laws Requiring Insurance  New Sonoma County Airbnb Laws   San Francisco Enacts New Airbnb Laws in Wake [...]

By |2022-11-28T11:26:29-07:00December 14th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Virginia Cities Enact New Airbnb Laws—Here’s What You Need to Know

In recent years many Virginia cities have put Airbnb laws into place to better regulate the burgeoning industry. From metropolitan hubs like Alexandria to tourist spots like Virginia Beach, hosts are now contending with permits and insurance requirements.   2018 Airbnb Law in Alexandria, Virginia Now in Effect  Richmond, Virginia Now Requires a City Permit Per New Airbnb Law  Virginia Beach Seeks to Balance in New Airbnb Laws  2018 Airbnb [...]

By |2022-11-22T11:47:24-07:00December 9th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Current Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Montana- What Hosts Need to Know in Big Sky Country

A recent bill by the Montana State Legislature has placed key Airbnb laws in place, allowing individual counties to make laws that best fit their circumstances. Several municipalities have taken advantage of these new guidelines and passed additional regulations for their own cities. Popular tourist destinations like Bozeman now require short-term rentals to register with the city as well as the state.   Montana State Airbnb Laws  Airbnb Laws [...]

By |2022-11-21T15:57:12-07:00December 7th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Airbnb Laws in Missouri—Regulations to Know in the Show-Me State

Since the explosion of short-term rentals in recent years, municipalities have sought to bring new Airbnb laws and regulations. Many are now requiring permits, liability insurance, and property requirements, and it’s important for rental owners and hosts to know the ins and outs of these regulations.  Airbnb Laws in Jefferson, Missouri  New Pending Airbnb Laws in Lake Ozark, Missouri  Kansas City Enacts Airbnb Laws Requiring Liability Insurance  Everything You [...]

By |2022-11-21T15:47:32-07:00December 7th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

New Wisconsin Airbnb Laws Require Insurance, Permits, and More

New Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Wisconsin continue with the trend of cities enacting laws to better regulate the growing short-term rental industry. From requiring insurance to multiple permit requirements, here’s what owners in the Badger State need to know.  New Airbnb Laws in Lake Geneva  Green Bay Airbnb Laws  New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know in Lake Geneva  With easy access to outdoor activities, including lakes and [...]

By |2022-12-05T10:31:39-07:00December 5th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

New Airbnb Laws in Pennsylvania—Regulations to Keep in Mind When Renting in the Keystone State

With an increasing number of tourists traveling since the pandemic, states like Pennsylvania are taking another look at Airbnb Laws. These laws seek to find a balance between the booming short-term rental industry and the neighborhoods in which they are located.   New Airbnb Laws in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania  Airbnb Laws in Philadelphia—what you need to know  New Airbnb Laws in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Require Registration  New Airbnb Laws now require property [...]

By |2022-11-21T08:30:59-07:00November 22nd, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|

Taking the Shot—How to Optimize Your Airbnb Photography

The best way to set your short-term rental apart from the crowd is to learn the best practices of Airbnb Photography, and apply it to your rental listing. With the increase in short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, standing out can feel impossible. Travelers are much more familiar with these platforms and are savvy shoppers when it comes to listings. The best way to catch their eye [...]

By |2022-11-11T08:43:40-07:00November 11th, 2022|Short Term Rental Insurance|
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