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Chelan County Approves Final Short-Term Rental Code Taking Effect Sept. 27th, 2021

The Board of Commissioners passed the Final Short-Term Rental Code for Chelan County which will be taking effect on September 27th, 2021.  The new code steams from months of tension between long-term residents and rental owners near some of Washington’s popular tourist destinations.  Within the new code, there are regulations regarding zones allowed, the number of units allowed, operational standards, existing units, permit process, and a primary liability insurance requirement [...]

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Frisco, Texas Approves New Short-Term Rental Regulations and Fees

In the town of Frisco, Texas, city officials estimated around 288 short-term rental listings as of December and so with the growing amount of vacation rentals the community wants to protect their neighborhoods and maintain the availability of residential housing.  On Aug. 17th, a majority of the Frisco City Council voted in favor of an ordinance that will in part instill a permitting requirement, require safety measures, and require hotel/motel tax payments of short-term rentals in [...]

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Revere, MA Approved New Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The Revere City Council has passed a new short-term rental ordinance, which took effect July 1st, 2021.  This ordinance requires that all units of housing posted for short-term rental shall be registered with the city, pending an inspection from an Inspector from the Office of Short-Term Rental.  Unregistered short-term rentals are subject to fines effective, September 1st. Key Changes of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance  The following are the key changes to the Short-Term Rental Ordinance:  [...]

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Clay Township Approves New Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The Clay Township Board of Trustees has recently adopted a short-term rental ordinance to regulate vacation rental properties.  On Aug. 2nd, the ordinance was passed with a 6-0 vote and the new ordinance is now in place.  During the meeting on Aug. 2nd, there were several residents that stepped forward with complaints about short-term rentals in their neighborhoods causing disturbances.  General Short-Term Rental Regulations  All vacation rentals shall meet the following standards:  All vacation [...]

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Cold Spring, NY Adopts New Short-Term Rental Regulations

The Cold Spring Village Board adopted a local law that regulates short-term rentals.  The resolution was passed on July 29th, with a 3-2 vote.  Major Dave Merandy, states that “This law is to stop the proliferation of STRs.  It’s not in a business district, it’s in a residential district.  People in a residential area do not want to live in a commercial area.” New Short-Term Rental Requirements, Permits. Short-term [...]

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Columbus City Licensing Section Reopening with New Short-Term Rental Regulations

As the short-term rental industry continues to grow, so do the problematic hosts and properties.  Columbus City residents are starting to get annoyed with the large number of hosts that don’t properly care and operate their rental business.  Cathy Collins, support services administrator for the Department of Public Safety, said the biggest complaints her office gets are for big and loud parties, loud music or occupants, confrontations from guests, [...]

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Proper Partners with Futurestay – The Industry’s Leading Booking Platform

As a short-term rental owner, have you ever wished that there was one platform to handle all your booking needs?  Proper has identified an all-in-one, industry-leading platform and partnered with Futurestay to help bring their unique and competitive offerings to our clients and readers, and with this partnership, we are providing you access to a FREE three-month trial period.  Whether it’s having all your properties managed on one dashboard, dynamic pricing tools, or listings on multiple platforms including Google Vacation Rentals, Futurestay is your [...]

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Southport, NC Approves New Ordinance to Regulate Short-Term Rentals and Homestays

With the rise of vacation rentals, the City of Southport Board of Alderman approved a new ordinance on July 1st, regulating Homestays and short-term rentals after months of debating among residents.  Southport has estimated that there are more than 100 homes acting as vacation rentals and neighbors are concerned about rowdy groups renting these homes in residential areas.  Southport is one of the many cities to re-evaluate their short-term rental regulations due to the [...]

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When Guests Refuse to Leave: How to Prevent an Airbnb Squatter From Spoiling Your Vacation Rental

Are you familiar with the term “squatter” and how these unwanted guests can occupy your Airbnb, Vrbo, or direct booking properties?  This isn’t an issue that many short-term rental hosts imagine that they have to deal with, but recently it has become a bigger issue among Airbnb rentals.  Along with the rise of mid-term rentals due to the pandemic and guests realizing that they can travel and work from [...]

Wildlife Safety at Your Vacation Rental

Is your short-term rental a hot commodity because nature is right outside the backdoor?  Guests enjoy staying at a remote vacation rental location to escape from their normal bustling city life.  With wildlife in your backyard, many animal liability concerns can arise and it’s important to minimize those risks and make sure that your current insurance policy would cover you if something were to happen to a guest. In this article you can find: Wild Animal Concerns Around Your [...]

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