Client Discounts & Promotions

Current Proper Insurance® policyholders have an opportunity to apply for insurance premium discounts. Once certified, you simply receive a premium credit, which is refunded promptly. In addition, current clients have an opportunity to save with our preferred vendors. Simply enter the promo codes below. Please note if you are currently at Proper’s minimum premium, then the credit refunds will not apply.

Breezeway Certified Safe Vacation Rentals Can Save 5% On Proper Insurance Premium

At Proper, we want all guests/hosts to feel they are staying/hosting a safe property. Proper has partnered with Breezeway to offer discounts if you have completed their safety certification program. Proper customers who have already completed the Safety Certification can receive up to a 5% discount on their premiums. Simply email your agent at Proper with your letter of Certification. Please note: This offer is only available to properties certified prior to May 1, 2023. Breezeway is revamping its Certification Program and a special offer for new customers who currently insure with Proper Insurance will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Install a Party Prevention Device From Noiseaware, WYND, or Party Squasher and Save 10% On Your Proper Insurance Liability Premium

Excessive noise or unwarranted parties from your renters can result in costly insurance claims, complaints from neighbors, or even loss of your rental license. As a result, Proper has partnered with leading noise, recreational smoke-detecting, and guest occupancy monitoring manufacturers in the short-term rental market, NoiseAware, WYND, and Party Squasher. Once Proper receives proof of installation, you will receive a 10% base liability premium credit which will be refunded promptly. Please note, if you are currently at Proper’s minimum premium then the 10% credit will not apply. Use the links below to receive a 10-20% off your purchase for any of these products, if requested use promo code Proper20.

Install an Automatic Water Shut-off Device From Phyn and Save 10% On Your Proper Insurance Property Premium

Leaks and burst pipes leading to water damage at your property result in costly insurance claims. We have decided to partner with the nation’s best manufacturer of “automatic water shut-off device”. The water device can detect a leak or burst pipe, automatically shut-off your water supply and notify you via smartphone. Once Proper receives proof of installation, you will receive a 10% base property premium credit which will be refunded promptly. In addition, enter promo code Proper15 to receive 15% off your purchase.

Interested in Automating Your Check-ins?  Proper Clients Can Recieve 90 Days Free With Chekin.

Meet Proper’s newest partner Chekin, and take advantage of their exclusive offer: PROPER90 for 90 days free! As your direct bookings grow, it’s time to automate your check-ins. Not only will Chekin save you time, but it creates a great guest experience as well. A few of the features include online or self-check-in, identity verification, deposits or damage protection, payments, and more. Use code PROPER90 when you register to get 90 days free!

Discover Qualified Property Managers in Your Area

We understand choosing the right company to partner with can often be a gamble. Here are a few tips for finding that perfect professional, as well as a list of all the exclusive property managers that we have partnered with over the years on the map below.