Comprehensive Protection for Your Poolside Paradise

Swimply’s Preferred Insurance Solution: Proper Insurance

With the explosive growth of the sharing economy, Proper Insurance emerged in 2014 as an industry leader by crafting a specialized policy for short-term rentals with Lloyd’s of London.

The Proper policy protects your buildings, contents, revenue, and liability, while fully replacing your existing Homeowners or Landlord/Dwelling policy with superior coverage for the unique risks of sharing your property with paying guests, regardless of the booking source or how the reservation was processed.

Designed as a unique Commercial Homeowner’s Policy, it includes comprehensive coverage for your property, including no limit on theft and damage caused by guests. It’s also the perfect solution for high-risk liability areas like backyard pools and hot tubs, with no exclusions for communicable diseases or liquor-related incidents— cheers to that!

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Short-term vacation rentals don’t fit into one insurance category, so we developed a specialty short-term rental insurance policy that covers both commercial and personal use of your vacation rental.

Short Term Rental Insurance Liability Slip and Fall

Commercial Business Liability

Your most considerable exposure as a vacation rental owner is liability. What if a guest were injured while staying at your property? Or injured off-premise? What if you were found liable? The Proper short-term rental insurance policy provides $1,000,000 & $2,000,000 coverage options for commercial business liability so you can rest easy.

Building & Contents Coverage

Proper provides unmatched property insurance coverage. Your building(s) and contents are upgraded to an ‘all-risk’ or exclusions based coverage form. In addition, we reimburse with replacement cost valuation, meaning you get new for old at the time of a covered loss. Finally, we carry no occupancy restrictions, so complete coverage is always in place.

Business Revenue Protection

You worked extremely hard to turn your short-term rental property into an income-generating short-term rental business. What if water, wind, or hail damage prevented you from renting your property? Our short-term rental insurance policy protects your income or revenue with “actual loss sustained” valuation and carries no time limit.


Opening your home to short-term vacation rental guests also invites several insurance risks. As short-term rental insurance specialists, we’ve spent years optimizing and enhancing our policy so you have protection for the most common and uncommon exposures STR owners face.

Illustration: Handing keys over to a short-term rental home

Property Entrustment

Homeowners, landlords, and business insurance policies exclude theft, vandalism, and intentional or malicious damages to your home and contents due to entrusting your property to another party. Our custom short-term rental insurance enhancement removes this limitation, so full property coverage applies as a vacation rental.

Illustration of dog biting a child passing by

Pet & Animal Liability

Dog bites are the second most costly liability insurance claim in the U.S., with over $1B in settlements handed out annually. Unfortunately, most insurance policies limit this coverage and exclude certain animals or dog breeds. Our policy has no limitation on animals or pets so allowing guests to bring pets isn’t a cause for concern.

Illustration: bed bug in bed with guest

Bed Bug & Flea Protection

Yikes! No property owner wants to worry about unwanted critters in their vacation rental business, nor the hidden liability, cost of extermination, and canceled bookings that come with the infestation. Proper trademarked and was first-to-market custom bed bug and flea protection uniquely tailored for the short-term vacation rental industry.

Illustration of a person peering out of the window.

Squatter Protection

The Covid-19 pandemic forever changed the work office and spotlighted mid-term rentals. Many travelers now book for 30+ days, which in most states provides tenants rights. What if a guest refused to leave and squatted at your property? Fear not, as our first-to-market squatters coverage provides both legal and lost income protection.

Amenities Off-Premise

No vacation rental is complete without amenities for guests. Unfortunately, most policies exclude or have limitations for bikes, boats, scooters, hot tubs, golf carts, and more. Plus, the coverage is limited to your property line. We cover liability for standard amenities on and off your property line, so there are no concerns about how far the guests take the bikes.

Illustration: Two people cheers-ing next to a bottle of wine and a welcome sign

Liquor Liability

All insurance policies carry a liquor liability exclusion for a good reason. Because we remove this exclusion, we afford coverage. So whether you want to include a beverage gift for your guest or simply ensure that undiscovered alcohol left behind by guests doesn’t end up in the wrong hands when the next group arrives, we’ve got you covered.


Host and guest shake hands in front of Airbnb


Because we only service the vacation rental industry, our short-term rental insurance knowledge base is unrivaled. We are proud of our customer feedback and our outstanding agents who make it all possible.

Payton Voss

“I called several companies to get a policy. All required multiple days to offer a solid quote. Several came back and couldn’t meet the limits requirement. Proper Insurance came through like rock stars! Same day quote. Same day binding (so we could meet our closing date) AND BY FAR best pricing and coverage offered.”

Nicholas Massey, Director of Sales

“Proper Insurance is who I trust after 10 years of renting. They have seen me (owner/manager) and my clients, whom I rent for, through good and bad. They are THE insurance for vacation rentals covering not just the home but $1M in liability (a huge issue for renting) also lost income due to damage to the home if issues make it unrentable. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – they deliver on their promise, I have tested it.”

Ian Smith

“Coverage for our mulit-layer Airbnb was proving VERY difficult to find. The major carriers were inconsistent about their understanding of the coverage, and few were misleading until we got on the phone with their underwriting departments. Ian Smith understood our situation immediately and comforted us about Proper being built specifically for these types of short-term rental situations.”

Bob Bradley

“Bob Bradley was very helpful and extremely responsive via email, phone and text in helping me identify the right coverage for my short-term rental in NC. He carefully reviewed all the options available with me and helped me choose the best policy that would suit my needs. I highly recommend anyone looking for STR insurance to go with Proper.”

Ashley Haley

“Ashley from Proper Insurance is the best insurance agent I have ever worked with. She is extremely responsive, reliable and efficient. She also goes the extra mile to structure my coverage for the best price possible. As a long time realtor and an owner of multiple short term rental properties, I highly recommend Ashley and Proper Insurance for all your rental property needs. The best of the best.”