Property owners in Bethlehem are now required to register their home with the local government before they’re eligible to list it on rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. Under the new law, hosts are also required to undergo an annual home inspection and keep detailed records of rental periods.

Among the ordinance includes limitations on rental durations (not more than 30 days) as well as the number of dwelling units that can be rented out (no more than 2 bedrooms).

The law did not address the need for Airbnb home insurance or liability coverage. This is contrast to many states that now require business liability protection for people renting out their property. Short-term rental coverage can help protect property owners from costly claims and property damage that homeowner’s insurance does not cover.

Understanding short-term rental regulations and insurance

It’s easier to accept regulations once you understand that cities view short-term rentals as businesses. As with any other business, short-term rentals need to ensure they have proper insurance coverage to protect against any accidents.

When you welcome a paying guest into your home, you are subject to a whole slew of liability concerns. As the cities seek to protect their communities, it’s important that you make sure you and your business are protected as well. You may have a traditional homeowner’s policy for your short-term rental, but that coverage is simply not enough. Most homeowner’s and landlord policies have a “business activity exclusion.” That’s bad news for you as a host.

The good news is you can find a full-replacement, comprehensive short-term rental policy with Proper Insurance. Proper Insurance offers coverage for vacation homes, cabins, cottages, apartments, and more. With coverage for your building, contents, income, and liability ($1,000,000 commercial general liability) you’ll have all the coverage you need to run a successful business.

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