How to Protect Your Short Term Rental Business: Navigating the Risk of Party Houses

Recent events have cities across the US revisiting how Short Term Rentals are allowed in their communities and debating stricter regulations to avoid increasingly common “party houses”.

How can hosts protect their Short Term Rental business and keep neighbors and city leaders on their side? Proper Insurance recommends NoiseAware. NoiseAware is a proprietary noise monitoring system that tracks the ‘noise score’ in your home and can alert you to a party in real time. With data provided by NoiseAware the success of this device is astounding with 80% of noise disturbances resolved within 15 minutes of receiving a Noise Alert. This technology will notify you of nuisance guests before your neighbors, or the police, do.

Hosts should also consider how their property is insured in the case of severe damage to their home or an injury or death occurring at their property. Proper Insurance is the nation’s leading insurer of Short Term Rentals with over 100,000 policies written. Many hosts consider traditional homeowners’ insurance to be sufficient coverage. However, the most important detail for owners and hosts to understand is the business activity exclusion typically found in these policies.

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About the Author

Darren Pettyjohn

Darren Pettyjohn, Co-Founder of Proper Insurance, is a well-known expert and accomplished authority figure in the short-term rental insurance sector. With a rich history of pivotal contributions to the insurance industry before launching Proper Insurance, Darren's experience and expertise are unparalleled. Residing with his family in Bozeman, MT, Darren enjoys outdoor adventures like fly fishing and skiing. His professional success, paired with his personal passions, brings a vibrant approach to insurance that resonates with the short-term rental community.


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