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Summer Essentials: Prepping Your Short-Term Rental for the Busy Season

Positioning a second home or a vacation home as a short-term rental can be a practical and lucrative commercial real estate investment. The revenue from renting helps subsidize the cost of the additional property while generating extra income—provided rental fees are set at the proper rate. Prepping short-term rentals is essential to enjoying a profitable, stress-free peak season. After nearly three years of travel restrictions, this year is bound [...]

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A Flunking Grade (F-50%) For U.S. Home Insurance Carrier Reviews

As modern consumers, we are blessed with infinite information with regards to our buying decisions. From online reviews to in depth blog articles, we can research as much or as little as we want on just about anything we purchase. Why as a society do we spend hours researching the the largely inconsequential items such as shoes or backyard patio furniture, but virtually no time researching the very consequential items [...]

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Airbnb’s AirCover Protection: An Honest Examination

The first thing to understand about Airbnb's Aircover protection is that is does not replace a Hosts current homeowner's insurance. It's such an important fact, it's listed as the #3 FAQ on the AirCover protection landing page, as seen below. Table of Contents: Airbnb AirCover Why call my insurance agent? Is AirCover actual insurance coverage? Does AirCover provide property protection? Does AirCover provide liability protection? What the [...]

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Man Drowns at Vacation Rental Due to Owner Negligence. Family Calls for Waterfront Safety Regulations.

This past September, in a very unfortunate event, a 30-year-old Airbnb guest, Vinod Deonarine, drowned after taking out a canoe that was provided by the vacation rental he was staying at.  Incidents like these are such a tragedy and echo the need for the vacation rental industry to focus more on safety requirements.  What Exactly Happened?  Vinod Deonarine was enjoying his stay at a waterfront vacation rental off Fox Lake, IL when he and his friend decided to take the canoe that was provided by [...]

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When and How to Upgrade Your Short-Term Rental Property

In recent years, the short-term rental business has exploded in popularity for the simple reason that the requirements needed to get into this business are not as stressful as the long-term rentals. With the rising number of commercial real estate investment opportunities on the market, many people are slowly taking up the different options to boost their financial muscle for the better.  When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Short-Term Rental Property  When it [...]

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Proper Partners with Futurestay – The Industry’s Leading Booking Platform

As a short-term rental owner, have you ever wished that there was one platform to handle all your booking needs?  Proper has identified an all-in-one, industry-leading platform and partnered with Futurestay to help bring their unique and competitive offerings to our clients and readers, and with this partnership, we are providing you access to a FREE three-month trial period.  Whether it’s having all your properties managed on one dashboard, dynamic pricing tools, or listings on multiple platforms including Google Vacation Rentals, Futurestay is your [...]

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Your Guide to Purchasing a Second Investment Property

Want to add a second property to your investment portfolio? There are a few things that you will want to know. Since you already own a rental home or building, you already understand some of the basics. However, there are a few crucial steps to take on that secondary investment. From determining your spending to managing other expenses, make sure to consider these facts before buying your second investment [...]

When Guests Refuse to Leave: How to Prevent an Airbnb Squatter From Spoiling Your Vacation Rental

Are you familiar with the term “squatter” and how these unwanted guests can occupy your Airbnb, Vrbo, or direct booking properties?  This isn’t an issue that many short-term rental hosts imagine that they have to deal with, but recently it has become a bigger issue among Airbnb rentals.  Along with the rise of mid-term rentals due to the pandemic and guests realizing that they can travel and work from [...]

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Wildlife Safety at Your Vacation Rental

Is your short-term rental a hot commodity because nature is right outside the backdoor?  Guests enjoy staying at a remote vacation rental location to escape from their normal bustling city life.  With wildlife in your backyard, many animal liability concerns can arise and it’s important to minimize those risks and make sure that your current insurance policy would cover you if something were to happen to a guest. In this article you can find: Wild Animal Concerns Around Your [...]

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How To Turn Your Residential Property Into a Lucrative Short-Term Rental Hot Spot [Updated 2022]

You might have a guest house or other outbuilding on your property that is pretty much going to waste. Have you ever considered converting it and renting it out for short-term stays? It is a great way to bring in some extra income and become engaged with the emergent short-term rentals industry. Companies like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Vrbo have capitalized on the gig economy to help homeowners profit from [...]

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