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What Is The Vacancy Clause? [Updated 2021]

Nearly all vacation rental home insurance policies have what’s called a ‘vacancy clause‘ and it’s important every owner understands its limitation.  The average vacancy rate in short-term rentals is around 30%, which is about 109 days.  Vacant or unoccupied properties pose higher risks because no one is around to identify potential problems.  What does this mean from an insurance perspective? No Coverage for Vandalism, Water Damage, and Theft If [...]

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The Importance of ‘Loss of Business Income’ for Your Short-Term Rental [Update 2021]

Ever wonder how your local coffee shop would survive if they had a fire? The obvious answer is insurance, but while they likely have a policy to cover reconstruction, what about daily operations and revenue they’re unable to generate during a rebuild?  The answer is a coverage called Loss of Business Income, a standard protection on commercial policies. What About My Short-Term Rental? After all, your rental has income [...]

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Vacation Rental Liability: What Every Owner Needs To Know [Updated 2021]

Most vacation rental owners do not fully understand the potential liability of owning a short-term rental. With over 50,000 vacation rental policies issued now, Proper Insurance® has become the nation’s leading expert in vacation rental liability claims. In this article you'll find: $1M Commercial General Liability Don't Count on Personal Umbrella Off-premise liability Bed Bugs Liquor Liability Verify Your Insurance $1,000,000 in Commercial General Liability Minimum  Most short-term rental owners carry $300,000 – $500,000 [...]

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Bed Bug Insurance Coverage, Protecting your Rental from Unwanted Guests [Updated 2021]

Just like your guests, bed bugs love to travel.  Bed bugs aren’t the first item of thought when being a short-term rental owner but it’s important to understand how they can pose a risk at your rental business.  Homeowners spend an average of $1,000-$2,500 to exterminate bed bugs, but it can be as much as $5,000 in a large house.  Not knowing where your guests stayed the night before [...]

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Which claim are you most likely to encounter as a host in 2020?

As the year ramps up, we’re all excited to see what 2020 has in store. You’ve survived another holiday rental season, but with spring just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can keep your property better protected this year.  When it comes to short-term rentals, there’s no shortage of incidents you could encounter as a host, but knowing which problems you’re most likely to see can [...]

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Top 4 Questions to Ask an Insurance Provider in the Short Term Rental Space [Updated 2022]

Before you can offer 5-star stays to your guests, you need to ensure that your short-term rental is operationally sound. For property owners, this means protecting your business against potential risks. In the short-term rental world, protection comes in many forms—guest screening, noise sensors, clear communication, and, most importantly, insurance. First and foremost, short-term rental insurance should cover both commercial and personal use of your vacation rental. But beyond [...]

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How to Protect Your Short Term Rental Business: Navigating the Risk of Party Houses

Recent events have cities across the US revisiting how Short Term Rentals are allowed in their communities and debating stricter regulations to avoid increasingly common “party houses”. Short Term Rental Protection How can hosts protect their Short Term Rental business and keep neighbors and city leaders on their side? Proper Insurance recommends NoiseAware. NoiseAware is a proprietary noise monitoring system that tracks the ‘noise score’ in your home and [...]

How to Set Up Your Home to Be a Rental Property

Renting out your house instead of listing it on the real estate market is a common, and even profitable, way to hold on to your property when you aren’t currently living in it as a primary residence. Some homeowners choose this direction when they want to wait to sell when their second home’s value increases or the market turns in their favor. Others may want to come back to [...]

Survey Shows Guest Injury is a Top Concern for Airbnb Hosts

A recent survey conducted in tandem by Lodgify and UK insurer, Scofield’s, asked short-term rental owners what concerns them the most about their renters. The #1 answer? Guests injuring themselves, with over half selecting that as their main concern. Next came property damage, weighing in with 44% of respondents citing this concern. Theft rounded out the top three. Hosts are right to consider the risks associated with short-term renting [...]

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Keep in Touch with Your Short-Term Rental Guests – and Keep Them Coming Back

You’ve had guests stay in your vacation rental property and they had a great experience. Now, it’s a year later and those same guests are thinking of coming back to your area on their next vacation. Will your short-term rental be their first choice for lodging on their trip? Or, if their friends or family are coming to stay in your city, will your guests recommend your property? Why [...]

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