As the short-term rental industry continues to grow, so do the problematic hosts and properties.  Columbus City residents are starting to get annoyed with the large number of hosts that don’t properly care and operate their rental business.  Cathy Collins, support services administrator for the Department of Public Safety, said the biggest complaints her office gets are for big and loud parties, loud music or occupants, confrontations from guests, and parking and trash issues.  So with the rise of complaints, the Columbus City Council has amended the Columbus City Code to better the enforcement of short-term rentals and cut down on problematic hosts and properties.

Amended Columbus City Code – Short-Term Rental Regulations

Sections in Chapter 598 – Hotel/Motel and STR Operations, states that:

  • Transfer of short-term rental permit not permitted
  • Any change in ownership of the hotel, the building, the dwelling, or the business, change in hotel operator, or change in name of the hotel, or short-term rental host shall void the current permit and shall require submission of a new application and the issuance of a new valid permit.
  • The short-term rental host shall provide to the Director one form of proof of identity and two pieces of evidence that the dwelling is the host’s primary residence or two pieces of evidence the host is the owner of the dwelling.
  • Calls for service ratio greater than 1.2 during a consecutive twelve-month period where at least one of the twelve months occurs within the calendar year in which an objection to the permit is lodged

Do you have questions?  Continue to the Short-Term Rental FAQs, provided by the City of Columbus, Dept. of Public Safety.

Short-Term Rental Noise Monitoring Devices

As mentioned above, your vacation rental could be at risk of losing its permit due to a high service call ratio.  Don’t let rowdy guests put your rental at risk by attracting the authorities with the high levels of sound coming from your home alerting the neighbors.  While you don’t always know who will be staying at your short-term rental, there are other ways that you could minimize the risk of loud parties being held.  There are many companies on the market offering noise monitoring devices specifically for short-term rental hosts.  For more information visit NoiseAware or Minut.

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