In the town of Frisco, Texas, city officials estimated around 288 short-term rental listings as of December and so with the growing amount of vacation rentals the community wants to protect their neighborhoods and maintain the availability of residential housing.  On Aug. 17th, a majority of the Frisco City Council voted in favor of an ordinance that will in part instill a permitting requirement, require safety measures, and require hotel/motel tax payments of short-term rentals in the city.

NEW Short-Term Rental Permit Application Requirements

  1. Application for a Short-Term Rental Permit shall be made through the City’s Online Permit Portal.  Each application for a short-term rental permit shall be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee in the amount of $300 and shall include the following information. 
    1. A list of owners, operators, and agents (if applicable) of the short-term rental, including names, addresses and current email addresses and telephone numbers of each such person 
    2. The name, address, and 24-hour telephone number of a contact person who is the owner, operator or designated agent and who shall be responsible and authorized to respond to complaints concerning the short-term rental within one hour or less 
    3. An acknowledgment that any permit granted under this Article does no superseded any property-specific restrictions against short-term rentals that may exist under the law, agreement, lease, covenant or deed restriction 
    4. A depiction of the floor plan that identifies sleeping areas, proposed maximum number of guests, evacuation routes and location of all fire extinguishers and smoke detectors 
    5. The guest safety information required by Section 18-466 
    6. A sworn statement that the owner has met and will continue to comply with all requirements of this Article including, but not limited to, obtaining annual independent inspections of required fire extinguishers in compliance with the City’s current Fire Code 
    7. All other information required by the Director or designee 
  2. Applications shall be considered complete when all documentation required under this Article has been submitted and all permit fees have been paid.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted 
  3. Unless revoked by the Director earlier pursuant to this Article, a Short-Term Rental Permit expires one (1) year after the date of issuance. A permit holder shall apply for renewal prior to the expiration of the permit on a form provided by the Director or designee. The permit holder shall update the information contained in the original permit application required under this section or any subsequent renewals under this section if any of the information has changed. The permit holder shall sign a statement affirming that there is either no change in the information contained on the original permit application and any subsequent renewal applications, or that any information that has been updated is accurate and complete. Complete applications for renewal received after the expiration of a current permit shall be treated as applications for a new permit. The amount of the nonrefundable fee for renewal of a Short-Term Rental Permit is three hundred dollars ($300). 
  4. Upon receipt of a complete application for renewal of a Short-Term Rental Permit, the Director or designee may deny the renewal of a Short-Term Rental Permit if it is determined that the permit was issued in error or on the basis of incorrect information supplied by the applicant or if: 
    1. The permit holder has pleaded no contest to or been convicted of a violation of any ordinance of the City, or any state or federal law, related to operation of a Short-Term Rental on the premises or has permitted such a violation on the premises by any other person. Such violation may include, but is not limited to, parking, noise, littering, destruction of property, disorderly conduct or failure to pay hotel occupancy taxes; or 
    2. There are grounds for suspension, revocation or other registration sanctions as provided for in this Article. 
  5. A permit to operate a short-term rental is not transferable to another owner, operator or location 

Continue to the full ordinance here to find the remaining changes to this ordinance. 

Short-Term Rental Regulations & Safety 

Short-term rental safety is unfortunately often the most overlooked aspect of maintaining a rental property.  Cities like Frisco understand that there need to be safety guidelines in place for vacation rentals as well as keeping them regulated by requiring owners to have permits.

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