A HomeAway Insurance Policy can Protect Your Property and Liability

Most property owners who rent their vacation homes on HomeAway carry either a homeowners or landlord insurance policy, both of which exclude business activity. It’s widely accepted in the insurance industry that renting a vacation home on HomeAway for less than 30 days at a time is considered a business transaction. The HomeAway guest has compensated the owner in the form of money in exchange for the use of the home, this is business.  What if a guest accidentally set fire to the vacation home, or worse was seriously injured at the property during their short-term stay?  HomeAway insurance has never been more important.

A Comprehensive Insurance Policy for HomeAway is the Right Solution

Insurance that is comprehensive typically means coverage for property and liability.  Property damage is coverage for the actual property from fire, wind, vandalism, water damage, theft, and much more.  Liability coverage is for bodily injury or property damage that the owner of the property could be found liable for.  An owner who rents their property on HomeAway needs both types on insurance, or a comprehensive insurance plan, and it needs to NOT exclude business activities.  The only full proof solution is to purchase a commercial insurance policy for HomeAway.  One that will respond to both property and liability insurance claims.