Mashpee adjusted regulations for short-term rentals in early March. Now hosts are now required to obtain a short-term rental certificate, or “Certificate of Registration” for their rental business, and follow other applicable laws according to state and local health and safety.

It is likely, prior to registration, short-term rental properties will be inspected by the Board of Health to ensure they are up to code in regards to the building, electrical, plumbing and fire safety. 

With these regulations coming due all across the U.S., hosts have a particular challenge to adapt to regulations while maintaining a healthy business. That is just how cities view short-term rentals – as a business. Given this fact, many cities also require hosts to provide proof of liability insurance upon registration. Ultimately, the goal is ensuring safe properties for guests and the community by requiring a general higher level for standard of care.

Short-term rental insurance

Proper Insurance for Short-Term Rentals

Besides adhering to local regulations, hosts should recognize how they need to protect themselves and their business from accidents that may occur at their property (property damage, slip and fall, dog bite, etc.)

With limitations on traditional homeowners policies, hosts are finding they have to search the market for an insurance policy that will suit the particular risks of short-term rentals. 

Proper Insurance custom penned their policy with Lloyd’s of London to specifically respond to the unique risks of short-term rentals. With a policy such as Proper Insurance offers, hosts will have coverage for building, contents, income and liability, a truly comprehensive policy. 

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