New Airbnb laws will begin January 1, 2021 in Mobile, AL after much consideration over the summer. The new Airbnb ordinance lays out requirements for hosts which include the following: 

  • A valid City of Mobile Business license must be obtained for each discrete short-term rental location and the business license number must be stated on any advertisement or listing for each short-term rental. 
  • The name and phone number of a local responsible party shall be conspicuously posted within each short-term rental. The local responsible party shall answer and respond to calls 24-hours a day, seven days a week to address problems or complaints associated with the short-term rental. 
  • Each short-term rental must meet application building and fire codes and be equipped with the following safety equipment and features: 
  1. Operational smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  2. One 2.5 lb. Class A-B-C fire extinguisher per floor.
  3. Prominently displayed and legible 9-1-1 address on building exterior. 

Over the summer, Mobile also considered requiring hosts to secure a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance in order to operate their short-term rental/Airbnb in the city. This requirement looks to be removed from the upcoming ordinance. However, it is still vital for hosts to ensure their short-term rental business is protected against lawsuits.

Unfortunately, Airbnb safety is too often overlooked, leaving hosts open to all types of lawsuits from guest injury. As discussed in the ordinance above, cities often require hosts to provide basic safety features such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. However, there are many additional safety features to consider, especially if hosts offer amenities such as pools, exercise equipment, etc.

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