Reviewed and updated on 3/12/2020

Short term home rental can provide a steady stream of income for homeowners nationwide. However, with the rise of Airbnb® and other short-term rental applications, new ordinances have come into play to regulate the process. In fact, a new law was recently enacted that requires short term rental property owners to apply for a permit to be eligible. As we explore the implications of such regulations, ensure your liabilities are mitigated and you meet the minimum requirements with a comprehensive New Orleans Short Term Rental Insurance policy.

According to NOLA, residential property owners in many neighborhoods will be allowed to rent out entire houses on short-term listing platforms such as or for up to 90 days per year as long as they hold a city license. Locals can also short-term rent spare bedrooms or one side of a double year-round with a license.

In addition, a news release by Mayor Mitch Landrieu explains that Airbnb is offering “pass-through” registration for property owners who list only on Airbnb; the company will collect the license application information and send it to the city, and the city will reach out to property owners for additional information and notify them of fees.

The deadline was April 1st for collecting these permits. Beginning last week, short terms rentals are required to display the permit in front of their homes and include the permit number on their Airbnb listing.

  • The Fine Print. Other regulations for renting out a home include carrying the necessary $500,000 in liability insurance, including smoke detectors on each floor of the rental, and clearly labeling fire exits to the renters.
  • Application and Payment. Apply for a short-term rental license on the 7th floor of City Hall or online at The same site can be used to pay your licensing fee upon approval by using the reference number provided.
  • Zoning Laws. A complete summary of the regulations is available as well as a table of what types of rentals are allowed in which zoning districts. To find out what your property is zoned, please use our lookup tool at This site can also be used to identify approved short term rentals.

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Update: Hosts must maintain $1,000,000 of commercial general liability insurance and name the City of New Orleans as an additional insured on the insurance policy. View the complete Short Term Rental Handbook for more information on requirements for short-term rental properties in New Orleans.

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