If you’re a host in Providence, you’ll want to review the short-term rental regulations in the area. Among other guidelines, if your property isn’t also your primary residence, you’re required to secure a “temporary use permit,” lasting a single year. You can apply for the permit through the Department of Inspection and Standards. This and the following requirements took effect on November 30, 2019. 

Additional key provisions include:

  • Owner-occupied dwellings can be used as short-term rentals throughout all zones in Providence where residences are allowed;
  • Non-owner-occupied dwellings, however, cannot have short-term rental properties in R1, R2, or R3 zones.
  • Finally, the proposed ordinance includes basic safety requirements, including visible printed materials with diagrams of all exits and clearly marked fire extinguishers. Codified language is available in the Zoning Ordinance, section 1202.K.6 and 1202.L.6. 

Frequently asked questions can be found on the Providence government website: Short-Term Rental Regulations in Providence.

Verify your short-term rental insurance

Do you have short-term rental insurance?

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