A new short-term rental ordinance passed for hosts in Richmond following a meeting on Monday the 22nd. Along with other requirements, the new ordinance requires hosts like yourself to obtain an annual permit ($300) to operate your short-term rental (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.) 

The full ordinance is available on the Richmond, VA government website: Ord. 2019-343. The ordinance takes effect on July 1, 2020. 

  • Who can operate a short-term rental: The short-term rental operator shall be the property owner. The short-term rental shall be on the lot of the operator’s primary residence with the operator occupying the lot at least 185 days each year. 
  • Approval process: Certificate of Zoning Compliance (CZC) for short-term rental is to be obtained on a biennial basis. The Biennial Fee for CZC is to be $300 which is intended to cover administration and monitoring costs. (must also be posted on all advertisements).
  • Number of persons who can rent per night: The total number of adult renters allowed in a short-term rental shall be limited to two adults per available sleeping room. Double booking which consists of more than one booking transaction occurring at the same time is not allowed. The number of children per rental is not limited. 
  • Number of sleeping rooms available for rental: The total number of sleeping rooms available for rental is limited to a maximum of 5 sleeping rooms. 
  • Events: Events and gatherings of persons other than the authorized lodgers are prohibited from occurring at the short-term rental. 

“According to Host Compliance, approximately 750 properties in Richmond were listed on sites like Airbnb and Expedia.”

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Is your short-term rental also your primary residence?

If your short-term rental is also your primary residence, you need to make sure you have correct insurance coverage. A traditional homeowners policy provides you with personal liability, however, it doesn’t provide sufficient coverage for your business activity (i.e. your short-term rental). You also need commercial general liability. 

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