Reviewed and updated 7/1/2020

Short-Term Rental Ban in Brentwood, Tennessee Under Consideration for Reversal

The Brentwood Homepage Reports On Airbnb Regulations after a long and ongoing battle with the City Commission. A resolution over whether or not to allow short term rentals has yet to be reached in the state of Tennessee. Vacation rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo continue to be effectively banned within Brentwood city limits. For the third time, any action on the bill has been deferred. This delay in hearings leaves residents unsure of any vacation rental potential their town could hold.

The new bill, SB1086 “allows for municipalities to put in place certain regulations regarding short-term rentals such as those offered by Airbnb, but it does not permit municipalities to ban them outright, as Brentwood currently does” (Woodroof). A similar bill, HB1020, was passed in the previous year, however, it only affected the Nashville area. SB1086 is different in that it applies to the entire state of Tennessee. For those who support the short term vacation rental and travel industries, it could mean new opportunities in their communities for business ventures.

Update: Brentwood still holds a ban on short-term rentals for rental periods of less than 3 months. As stated in the Brentwood Municipal Code, Section 78-19(e), “With the exception of bed and breakfast lodges permitted under the provisions of this chapter, no single-family residence or portion thereof may be rented out to any tenant(s) for a period of less than three months.” 

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