Auburn revisited short-term rental laws in March and approved amendments to the ordinance on March 16th. As with many cities across the U.S., short-term rentals are only becoming more prevalent, encouraging the City to revisit the ordinance. With the help of the Short-Term Rental Taskforce created in 2018, the city was able to zoom in on particular concerns and adjust regulations to meet the needs of the community.  

Active Short-Term Rental Laws in Auburn 

The amended short-term rental ordinance includes the following requirements for non-primary short-term rental properties: 

  • A short-term non-primary rental shall be limited in operation to 240 days each calendar year. 
  • Each zoning certificate for a short-term non-primary rental will be valid from January 1 through December 31 of the calendar year in which the certificate is issued.  
  • A zoning certificate for a short-term non-primary rental may be revoked by the Planning Director in the event that two or more substantiated complaints are received by the city within a calendar year, or for failure to maintain compliance with any of the regulations set forth within this section. 
  • Short-term non-primary rentals may only be used for lodging (eating and sleeping); private and/or commercial events and activates are prohibited. Only the registered/contracted short-term non-primary rental guests may utilize the short-term non-primary rental. 

Visit the following resources for more details on the new short-term rental regulations in Auburn. Residents can direct concerns or complaints regarding potential violations to Auburn Inspection Services. 

Proposed Short-Term Non-Primary Rentals Map 

Interactive Map 

Map of Potential Active Short-Term Rental Listings with Proposed Boundaries 

Contact your local municipality for more information on short-term rental laws in your area. 

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