With just under 7 miles of man-made white sandy beaches, it’s easy to see how Gulfport attracts vacationers. As with most other states, the new best way to get away is to book a vacation rental versus a hotel or motel. With this trend, Gulfport reaps the benefits from tourism while also seeking to regulate short-term vacation rentals in order to maintain the natural character of their community.  

Active Short-Term Rental Laws in Gulfport 

The full proposed short-term rental ordinance can be found on the Gulfport government website, and currently if approved would require hosts to secure liability insurance among other requirements. 

  1. It shall be unlawful to operate a short-term rental, as defined in the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Gulfport, without first obtaining a short-term rental permit issued by the City of Gulfport, by and through the department of Urban Development, pursuant to this Ordinance and in compliance with any and all applicable ordinances, statutes, regulations, and laws. 
  2. No person other than the owner of the property where the short-term rental is to be operated may be issued a short-term rental permit for that property. 
  3. Permittee shall secure current, valid liability insurance of $500,000 per occurrence, $1,000,000 aggregate or more which covers the premises where the short-term rental is to be operated and the property owner shall maintain the same during the entire period of the short-term rental permit. 
  4. Each short-term rental shall be equipped with a properly maintained and charged portable fire extinguisher which shall be inspected annually by the permittee and serviced every five years by an approved company and which is installed in a visible and accessible location. 
  5. Each short-term rental shall be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. 
  6. Permittee shall post in the short-term rental the information required in paragraph C.3. of this ordinance. Posting shall be displayed in a prominent location. 
  7. Operation of the short-term rental shall not violate any applicable deed restriction or subdivision, homeowner association or property owner association covenant, regulation or other similar rule.  
  8. Permittee shall collect all applicable charges, taxes and fees and remit the same to the appropriate governmental entity. 

Insurance & Short-Term Rental Laws 

A commercial general liability insurance requirement is good for owners and good for the City as it creates a barrier to entry which eliminates non-professionals. It comes with stricter insurance carrier underwriting requirements, which may include property inspections, smoke alarms in all bedrooms, fire extinguishers, railings on all stairways, and a general higher level for standard of care. 

As we see above, Gulfport already includes higher levels of care for shorts-term vacation rentals in their city with the apparent goal of ensuring safety for travelers and the peace of the community.  

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