Known for its fertile agricultural areas and over 100 local wineries, it’s easy to see how Walla Walla is now a popular short-term vacation rental destination. With growth in this market over the yearsWalla Walla eventually decided on short-term rental laws, following suit to many cities and communities across the U.S. 

The City has general requirements, application requirements, and development standards for short-term rentals including the following: 

“No owner or property within the Walla Walla city limits may offer, operate, rent, or otherwise make available or allow any other person to make available for occupancy or use a short-term rental without a short-term rental permit and license.” 

From our research, it appears the above is the most common requirement for hosts, as city’s first want to identify the number of active short-term rentals. From there, the city customizes restrictions to the concerns that stand out in their community. 

Short-Term Rental Laws for Hosts in Walla Walla 

Additional short-term rental laws for hosts in Walla Walla include the following: 

  1. Verification that the required lodging taxes have been remitted to the Washington State Department of Revenue for an existing short-term rental. If applying for a new short-term rental, then verification of lodging taxes will be done at the annual renewal of the license. 
  2. The application fee for a short-term rental permit is $150. There shall also be an additional license fee. 
  3. The annual renewal fee for a short-term rental permit is $150. There shall also be an additional license fee. 
  4. Acknowledgment of receipt and review of a copy of the good neighbor guidelines. In addition, evidence that the good neighbor guidelines have been effectively related to short-term rental tenants through the rental contract or posting online or in a conspicuous place in the dwelling unit, or another similar method. This will be verified at the inspection.  
  5. Provide information identifying all websites and other locations where availability of the short-term rental is posted (such as Vrbo, Airbnb, etc.) or advertised and any listing numbers. The City issued permit and license number must be a part of any posting or advertisement of the short-term rental. 

Safety Related Short-Term Rental Laws in Walla Walla 

If anything, cities across the U.S. are acknowledging the importance of keeping owners, neighbors, and guests safe in the short-term rental space. With that in mind, Walla Walla requires hosts to comply with the following safety guidelines:  

  1. Owner must have property insurance and liability coverage for the short-term rental. 
  2. Short-term rentals are prohibited to be utilized as event space. (igNo Events). 
  3. Functioning carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors shall be kept in operating order and installed as required by the International Residential Code (IRC). 
  4. Functioning fire extinguishers shall be installed within the short-term rental. Number and location will be determined based on the size of the structure during the inspection process. 
  5. If the short-term rental has a pool then the pool must be fenced meeting the requirements of the IRC. 

There must also be a 24-hour contact for guests and neighbors to discuss concerns with the short-term rental, whether there are noisy guests, cars parked in front of neighboring homes, etc.  

The first and foremost concern for short-term rental hosts should be proper insurance coverage for damage and liability claims. This is included under the ‘safety’ laws as it ultimately protects you and your short-term rental business. Guests can sue for just about anything, and you want to ensure you have the best coverage in place as possible.  

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