Atlanta decided on amendments to the City’s short-term rental regulations in mid-March. The City of Atlantic houses thousands of travelers each year for conventions, conferences, and major sporting events, which allows hosts easy access to a steady stream of income if they choose to join the short-term vacation rental scene.  

As the number of short-term rentals only grows, the City saw the potential need to revisit short-term rental regulations:  

“The ordinance aims to establish a regulatory framework for governing short-term rentals and outlining penalties for violations with proposed changes going into effect on Sept. 1, 2021.” 

According to the new ordinance, hosts have until Sept. 1 to come into compliance with the amended regulations.  

Atlanta’s Amended Short-Term Rental Regulations 

Hosts in Atlanta are subject to the regulations outlined in Atlanta’s short-term rental ordinance 20-O-1656 

  • No person or entity shall rent, lease or otherwise exchange for compensation all or any portion of dwelling unit as a short-term rental unit without first obtaining a short-term rental license ($150.00 annually through the Department of Planning and Community Development). 
  • It is unlawful to allow or make any noise or sound that exceeds the limits set forth in the City’s noise ordinance. Units are encouraged to provide a noise monitoring device. 
  • The owner of a short-term rental shall designate a short-term rental agent to be available to handle any problems arising from use of the short-term rental unit. 
  • Fully adjudicated violations of ordinance 20-O-1656 will be assessed a $500 penalty per violation. 
  • Short-term rentals are subject to applicable state and local taxes and are responsible for payment thereof as established by state law and the city code. 

Visit Avalara, MyLodgeTax for more details on the hotel-motel tax for short-term rentals under the new regulations.  

Short-Term Rental Regulations & Noise Monitoring Devices  

As described above, many cities are enforcing noise ordinances over short-term rentals and recommend hosts use noise monitoring device to ensure guests are enjoying their stay while not disrupting the peace and quiet of the City’s residential neighborhoods.  

There are many companies on the market offering noise monitoring devices specifically for short-term rental hosts. For more information visit Minit or NoiseAware 

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