Active short-term rental regulations require hosts in Lincoln County to secure a short-term rental license and follow basic operational standards. The license can be obtained through the Sheriff’s Office, however, according to recent information we’ve found the County has suspended new applications until November 30, 2021. The following regulations still apply to active short-term rentals in the county.  

Active Short-Term Rental Regulations in Lincoln 

All documents supporting the active short-term rental regulations can be found on the Lincoln County website. These requirements were established to maintain the livability in communities throughout the county while also allowing owners to join the booming short-term rental industry and reap the benefits of tourism in their area. 

  1. Hosts must remit Transient Room Tax (an information packet on this tax can be found here). 
  2. The name and phone number of the primary contact person must be posted at the property and provided to the local fire chief and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. 
  3. Short-term rentals must operate according to “quiet time” hours of 10:00 pm until 7:00 am the next day. 
  4. The maximum occupancy for a short-term rental unit shall be calculated on the basis of an average of 3 persons per sleeping area plus two additional persons.  
  5. The owner must provide to each renter a list of rules including, but not limited to, rules on required quiet times, available garbage service, parking locations, and limitations on occupancy. 

Short-Term Rental Regulations and Rental Agreements for Guests 

Many municipalities require hosts to run their short-term rental under specific operational standards, occasionally including a requirement for some type of rental agreement to provide to guests. Guest rules or a rental agreement as described in Lincoln County’s requirements clarifies the standard by which the guests must act during their stay.  

“The owner must provide each renter a list of rules including, but not limited to, rules on required quiet times, available garbage service, parking locations and limitations on occupancy.” 

If guests don’t follow the given rules, the hosts have something to fall back on when approaching guests to comply.  

The same holds true for including items such as hold-harmless waivers in the rental agreement. If you offer amenities such as bicycles, exercise equipment, or a pool, you not only expect that guests will treat these features with care and concern, but they will also use them knowing they are responsible for their own injury.  

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