This past Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 2021, the Point Pleasant Beach Borough Council in New Jersey has voted and passed new short-term rental regulations.  Short-term rentals have started to become an issue across the Jersey Shore, especially when it comes to the “party houses”.  Many residents have voiced their concerns about the “party houses” and how they have started to derail from the community and turn the town into an expensive summer beach resort. 

New Short-Term Rental Regulations 

The new ordinance, Ordinance 2021-33, combines and revises chapters 13 and 27 in hopes of better regulating rentals in the Borough of New Jersey, specifically including short-term transient rentals.  Updates to this ordinance include: 

13-14.2 Short-Term Rentals Prohibited: No dwelling, or segment thereof, may be rented or leased for a term of less than an month. 

13-14.3 Exceptions for Seasonal Short-Term Rental: Notwithstanding the restriction set forth above, minimum rentals of seven days or more of a dwelling unit are permitted during a period from May 15 through September 30. 

13-14.5 Exceptions for Owner Occupied: Notwithstanding the restrictions set forth above owner-occupied multi-unit dwellings shall have no durations restrictions if the owner personally resides in one of the units during the time of the tenancy. 

More regulations include denial of a certificate of occupancy to any owner with prior revocations or suspension of license, or with any violations of any borough ordinance, starting January 1.  Interested in reading the full Ordinance 2021-33, continue here. 

Why Short-Term Rental Regulations? 

Short-term rental regulations have become more and more popular as the vacation rental industry continues to grow.  These regulations can help maintain and regulate the number of short-term rentals in an area, as well as give comfort to those people who believe vacation rentals are disturbing the quality of life within their town or neighborhood. 

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