Reviewed and updated 6/29/2020

Burtchville Township in Michigan held a hearing on October 3nd regarding vacation rentals in the area. While there doesn’t appear to be any outright bans, short-term stays will be heavily regulated after numerous complaints were received by the county, notably from residents in the Lake Huron area.

The regulations for property owners that were discussed include permit requirements, a limit of 7 to 30-day stays, guest limitations, and restrictions on late-night activities.

Update: Short-term rental hosts like yourself in Burtchville must comply with City requirements including the following and more: 

  • A short-term rental is a rental of residential property for a minimum of seven (7) days and less than thirty (30) days. Short term rentals of six (6) days or less shall not be permitted.
  • The property owner shall designate a property manager, who shall reside within 25 miles of the property and provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week contact information for the manager during all times the premises are rented.
  • The property owner shall provide proof of liability insurance covering the short-term rental activity.

Proper Insurance for short-term rentals

With regulations like these taking effect across the US, now’s the best time for hosts to make sure their short-term rental business details are in order. Particularly, hosts need to check their insurance to make sure it matches the requirements presented by the City. In this case, Burtchville doesn’t specify the type of liability insurance, however, there is one type of insurance that provides comprehensive coverage – commercial general liability.

Proper Insurance offers such a policy with comprehensive coverage for building, contents, income and liability ($1,000,000 commercial general liability and $1,000,000 additional personal liability if the home also serves as your primary residence). Check your current policy. If you have a homeowners policy to cover your short-term rental it’s like that you do not have enough coverage! Send your current broker your online listing and have a conversation on proper coverage.

In the meantime, give Proper Insurance a call to discuss specialized short-term rental insurance – (888) 631-6680!

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