Know What Type of VRBO Insurance Exists for Owners

There are four areas of exposure that need to be covered by insurance; building coverage, contents coverage, income coverage, and liability coverage. When you open your doors to VRBO guests you are opening yourself to major insurance exposure.  What if a VRBO guest threw a party and trashed your house? Thus, you had $50,000 worth of property damage. For this you need a business insurance policy, one that would cover VRBO owners.

Having Too Little Insurance Could Cost You Big

Relying on homeowner’s insurance is a foolish choice. Most of the time, a homeowner’s policy is not going to help if anything happens during a VRBO rental. Your biggest exposure in being a VRBO rental owner is liability.  What if a guest, without you knowing, brought a dog to the rental and that dog bit a neighbor’s child? Your neighbor could sue you for the injury to their child and you would want to file a liability insurance claim. Unless you have VRBO insurance for owners this claim could go unpaid and even flat denied. Make sure you carry commercial general liability insurance coverage for incidents like this, and make sure it does not have an animal exclusion.