LA’s $224 Million Deficit May Worsen if Airbnb is Restricted

Los Angeles’s growing deficit is set to increase if proposed Airbnb restrictions are approved. Find out what this means for property owners and travelers looking for a place to stay. Proposed Short-Term Rental Limits Could Cost Los Angeles It’s no secret: Airbnb and other rental platforms pose a direct threat to the hotel industry. In fact, a study by HVS Consulting & Valuation found that hotels are losing about $450 [...]

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Airbnb: Is It Too Easy to Start Your Own Property Rental Business?

In just a few clicks, you can list your property for rent and make some cash. But are you prepared to take on the risks of running a short-term rental business out of your own home? The Risks Associated with Renting Out Your Property on Airbnb® Airbnb and other online rental platforms have made it easier than ever for homeowners to rent out their property and for guests to find [...]

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