Vail, Colorado Holds Meeting on Short-Term Rental Laws; Insurance Discussed

Vail, a small town in Colorado, recently held a meeting on the consequences of short-term vacation rentals throughout the area. Read more about the meeting here. Residents of Vail Discuss Vacation Rental Legislation Residents in the Town of Vail held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the implications of short-term vacation rentals in the area. Currently, Vail only has a minimum number of requirements when it comes to operating a [...]

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West Hollywood City Council Considering Short-Term Rental Regulations

The city of West Hollywood is considering new regulations for property owners who rent out their home on a short-term basis. Learn more about the proposed law here. New Short-Term Rental Laws Proposed in West Hollywood Back in 2015, the West Hollywood city council passed legislation that banned all short-term rentals that last fewer than 31 days. According to the city council, short-term rentals are contributing to the problem of [...]

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama Ordinance, Short-Term Rental Insurance Requirement

July 11, 2017 the Tuscaloosa City Council voted to amend the current Zoning Ordinance to allow short-term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc) to operate legally, with a laundry list of requirements, one of which is a commercial insurance requirement.  For a full list of requirements visit the City of Tuscaloosa website. Did Tuscaloosa, Alabama City Council do the right thing in requiring short-term rental owners to carry commercial insurance? The [...]

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