Short-Term Rental Platforms Warned to Abide by New Regulations

San Francisco recently sent out notice to short-term rental companies in the area, warning them that they’ll face fines and criminal charges if they fail to follow the new requirements for property rentals. Officials are concerned that short-term rentals will affect permanent housing in the area. The warning letter states that rental platforms must ensure their hosts are lawfully registered before listing their property for rent. 5-Minute Quote [...]

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Officials Considering Further Restrictions on Vacation Rentals in Charleston

Reviewed and updated 7/22/2020 Officials in Charleston are growing concerned as the short-term rental listings in the city increase into the hundreds. The lack of available space in downtown Charlestown has led to increased costs and its unsure how rentals will affect that. The concerns are large enough that the city has created a “short-term rental task force” to help regulate the rentals. It’s unknown what the task force [...]

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Couple Sues Airbnb After House Fire Claim Gets Denied

A couple in Austin, Texas has filed a lawsuit against Airbnb after their insurance claim was denied by the short-term rental company. According to the report, Kenneth Flippin and Candace Duval listed their property up for rent on Airbnb back in July 2015. Their guest negligently threw away a cigarette into a trash bin, which is what led to the damaging fire that cost them priceless family heirlooms, artwork, [...]

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Houston Airbnb Party Goes Wrong After Guest Gets Shot in Stomach

An Airbnb guest was rushed to the hospital back in July after getting shot in the stomach by an unknown assailant. According to the news report, the 17-year old victim was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition. The property, located in Houston, is a popular spot for partygoers. Despite the popularity, it appears this is the first time a negative event has occurred at that location. [...]

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Homeowner’s Insurance Company Denies Claim Based on Airbnb Rentals

A lawsuit was recently filed after a California homeowner was denied reimbursement by her homeowner’s insurance company as the result of an Airbnb listing. According to , Emily Richer filed a property damage claim with Travelers Insurance after a 120-foot tall tree fell onto her roof causing up to $120,000 in structural damages. Her insurance company denied the claim after they learned that she rented out her home on [...]

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