Southampton, New York Discusses Airbnb Law Reductions

The town of Southampton is reviewing the possibility of reduced restrictions for short-term rentals. The current legislation draft only allows residents to rent out their home for a maximum of 2 weeks. Under the new proposed requirements, the town board will have authority to waive these restrictions. The new terms are being reviewed as the town prepares for the 2018 U.S. Open golf tournament.

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Airbnb & Other Short-Term Rentals Legalized in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Short-term rentals are now legal in Minneapolis & St. Paul, providing that property owners follows the new rules. For Minneapolis residents, no registration is needed if the host also lives in the property being rented out. In situations where the host is not present with the guest or does not live on the property, they’ll be required to pay an annual fee or obtain registration. St. Paul residents are required [...]

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Airbnb Legislation Delayed in Baltimore

City Council members in Baltimore recently chose to delay their plans to introduce strict new short-term rental laws for companies like VRBO and Airbnb. The planned ordinance would have effectively banned property owners from renting out their property if it wasn’t their primary residence. Other changes include increased tax rates and licensing requirements but no mention of vacation property rental insurance was mentioned.

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Alexandria, Virginia Schedules Hearing for Airbnb Rentals

The city of Alexandria is holding a public council meeting with the hopes of introducing new short-term rental laws. Council members are currently proposing that all property owners who rent out their home be required to register with the city. It’s currently not known if the city plans to draft any further legislation such as commercial liability insurance requirements for short-term rentals or increased fees.

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Short-Term Legislation Looking Likely for South Portland

50 people crowded into the city council chambers in South Portland on October 12th, most complaining about short-term rentals within residential housing districts. Residents are worried that the increasing popularity of Airbnb and other rental platforms will lead to more noise disturbance and disruptions in peaceful neighborhoods. In the meeting, numerous residents complained of frequent parties, alcohol, dog barks, and excessive vehicle noise throughout the night. While new regulations have [...]

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