Short-Term Rental, Airbnb Regulations Debated In Brentwood, Tennessee

Short-Term Rental Ban in Brentwood, Tennessee Under Consideration for Reversal The Brentwood Homepage Reports On Airbnb Regulations after a long and ongoing battle with the City Commission. A resolution over whether of not to allow short term rentals has yet to be reached in the state of Tennessee. Vacation rentals like Airbnb and VRBO continue to be effectively banned within Brentwood city limits. For the third time, any action on the [...]

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Palm Desert’s Vacation Rentals Still Not Permitted in Neighborhoods

City officials in Palm Desert City voted to leave current short-term rental restrictions in place, meaning that property owners won’t be allowed to rent out their homes in residential neighborhoods. Homeowners who were relying on services like Airbnb to generate income are disappointed in the news as it means they’ll need to shut down their operations. Lawmakers are permitting current rentals to remain in business until December 31st, 2019.

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California Coastal Commission Shuts Down Airbnb Ban

Laguna Beach banned short-term rentals back in September 2016 but now The California Coastal Commission has shut down their Airbnb restriction, citing that it restricts access to the area’s beach and effectively shuts down most of the city’s access to rentals. While the law still remains in effect, the city officials will need to go back to the drawing board and draft a new ordinance. This could take up to [...]

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Small New York Town Considering Short-Term Rentals

Village of the Branch, a small town in New York, may allow residents to list their property on sites like Airbnb soon. While the small town is only 1 square mile in size, officials recognize that short-term rentals may help bring more business to the area. If the city council decide to move forward, new rental laws could be adopted as early as this Summer.

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San Leandro May Allow Residential Short-Term Rentals

Currently, residents of San Leandro are not permitted to use Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or any other rental services due to zoning law problems in the town. However, officials are now considering allowing the rentals in residential districts. Council members are still discussing the proposed changes. Currently, there’s no timeframe available on when or if officials will modify the law.

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