City Officials in LA Delay Short-Term Rental Voting

Lawmakers in Los Angeles have chosen to delay their votes on short-term rentals early in February, citing a response will be made hopefully within the next 30 days. However, residents remain disappointed and skeptical, as officials have already put off voting on the hot topic of Airbnb for over 2 years. Currently, the city plans to enforce limitations to how long hosts are able to rent out their home, [...]

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Short-Term Rental Laws in Boston On the Table

City Council in Boston is holding a meeting about Airbnb on Tuesday, with plans to discuss regulating rentals in the busy city. The primary concern amongst officials is that Airbnb and other rental platforms will damage the housing market. According to the proposed ordinances, property owners who use the service will need to register, pay fees, and follow strict requirements. While there has been no mention of requiring short-term [...]

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New Airbnb Law in Detroit Leads to Confusion

Reviewed and updated 6/30/2020 In November, Detroit official decided to move forward with an Airbnb rental ban, much to the dismay of its residents. According to the new law, owner-occupied properties can't be used for overnight rentals. Residents are complaining and plan to protect the law saying that Detroit property owners have been able to legally rent their properties for the last 100 years. According to City Council, the [...]

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Orange Beach, AL Ordinance Bans Short Term Vacation Rentals

Last week, the city council in Orange County, AL passed an ordinance that has been in the works for months. This new law completely bans homeowners from renting their properties for anything less than a two week period, effectively stomping out the short term rental market in the popular beach vacation area. Replacing the ‘Short-Term Rental’ License Cory Pippin reports that “City leaders say the ordinance only impacts owners of [...]

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Airbnb Host Left with Property Damage After Party

In Australia, an Airbnb host was forced to replace her flooring and furniture after an unfortunate accident by her guests. During a news year’s celebration, the guests lit a bundle of sparklers over Kimberley Johnson-Baxter’s stove before attempting to carry them out the back door. But the guest tripped on his way out, dropping the whole bundle of lit sparklers on the floor, leaving serious and permanent damage to [...]

Lawsuit Filed by Airbnb Property Owner in Asbury Park

A property owner in Asbury Park has filed a lawsuit after city council proposed new short-term rental ordinance. The new ordinance prevents homeowners from renting out their property if it’s not their primary residence. The property owner in question, Jon Blondo, owns multiple properties and relies on Airbnb for income. The new law would prevent him from running his business. The lawsuit was filed in November and is currently [...]

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