LA Airbnb Hosts May Face New Laws

Airbnb owners are facing new potential restrictions for their properties. Currently, hosts have a cap of 180 days in which they’re allowed to rent out their home on services like Airbnb. But lawmakers are now discussing a shortened limit of 120-days – or about 1/3rd of the year. Property owners will have the option of bypassing this limit for a large of $1,149. According to property owners, these new changes [...]

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More Than $3,000 In Damages to Cape Cod Airbnb Home

Like many other property owners, Ron Kohlman decided to list his Cape Cod home on Airbnb to make a few extra bucks throughout the year. Unfortunately, his moneymaking idea ended up costing him cash rather than making it. Worse yet – the damage to his property was caused by not one but two back-to-back guests, which just goes to show how common property damage is in home sharing. The first [...]

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Many Property Owners Lack Adequate Vacation Rental Insurance

When it comes to home sharing insurance, there’s a few important things to keep in mind. For starters, homeowner’s insurance does not cover any form of property rentals. This comes as a complete surprise to homeowners – and often after it’s already too late. For example, did you know that if your primary insurer discovers you used your home on a property rental service like Airbnb or Flipkey, they’ll boot [...]

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